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Marietta, OH (PressExposure) November 10, 2009 -- Varsy Arsy -- Proclaiming the Gospel in Second Corinthians, by Phillip A. Ross (ISBN: 978-0-9820385-4-3, 326 pages) is volume two of this examination of Paul's letters to the Corinthians. Volume one, Arsy Varsy -- Reclaiming the Gospel in First Corinthians, was published in 2008.

Ross takes a presuppositional and trinitarian [] approach to this study of Corinthians, which is different from the usual approach in that it assumes that faithfulness requires a completely different mindset than unfaithfulness. What is usually thought to be intellectual common ground between believers and unbelievers isn't common at all. Scripture actually teaches that believers and unbelievers see everything very differently.

Dedicated to those who want genuine social change, Ross demonstrates that Paul's opposition to Greek culture and academics in Corinth provides the only real foundation for sustainable culture. It is unfortunate that Christian churches across the globe have abandoned Paul's vision because it provides the best solution to the social deconstruction that is at the door. Alan Greenspan has admitted the bankruptcy of his vision for cultural sustainability through market manipulation. The Obama regime has nothing new to offer. Rush Linbaugh and Glenn Beck provide critical analysis, but have nothing substantial to offer.

Could it be that the Bible actually provides genuine help for times like these? Ross thinks so, and has laid the groundwork for the practical application of theology by re-envisioning personal and corporate faithfulness -- Christian unity -- through trinitarian eyes.

The integration of trinitarian categories regarding human nature as a genuine reflection of God's trinitarian image reveals important subtleties in the biblical text, yields richer accounts, more diverse applications and a more complete integration of spiritual gifts regarding both the lives of individual Christians and the biblical structure Christ gave to the church.

"The Corinthian church had been captured by a false teaching that brought it wealth, success and influence. Oddly, the false, Gnostic spirituality being taught was based on popular, Greek wisdom and had produced worldly success. But Paul saw through the charade and called the Corinthians back to ordinary faithfulness that stood in opposition to the false wisdom of Greek culture issuing from the academy. What the successful Corinthians called wisdom, Paul called foolishness."

"Unfortunately, in our own day the Christian faith [] has again been blunted and inflamed by the forces of worldly success and godless academics. Seeing the gospel rightly -- in the light of Christ -- requires an adjustment of our expectations. And that adjustment can still turn this fallen world upside down."

"People today know at a deep, unconscious level that something is very wrong in our contemporary world, that history and Christianity have taken a wrong turn somewhere, that our current culture, lifestyles and values are fundamentally unsustainable. People know it and the market knows it. President Obama's rally cry for hope and change has ignited this concern across the globe. This hope for change is a good thing, a necessary thing. But it is fraught with both danger and opportunity. We are very much like those ancient Corinthians [] in that our concern for worldly success has blinded us to the actual gospel" (from the Introduction).

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