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Toronto, Ontario Canada (PressExposure) May 16, 2007 -- Most people are inclined to think there is no plan or 'conspiracy'. They like to think that all the things which have and are happening are not part of a concerted effort. You could say they even believe that they are aware of what is important and their vote really matters.

Is this true?

Do we need a plan that actualizes the best potential outcome rather than a fight over supposedly limited resources? I think there is no One Pie and there is an awesome potential for real wealth, health and spiritual growth. I like what Teilhard de Chardin called for - "A Conspiracy of Love". But tough love is needed more than politially correct support for mere superficial nonsense.

I hope my books are adequate for setting the stage and exposing the truth of history. But I have no illusions about the kind of controls which are operating in our society. Professor Graham Good calls some of it by the phrase 'Literary Theory' and it includes all media including even the universities that people like him work for.

There are many articles freely available that take small portions of my nearly one hundred books. THey have been picked up by tens of thousands of websites around the world. I know I have done the best I can do, and I continue to devote all my resources to elucidating the issues humanity and all life on earth are faced with. There is no boogeyman or reason to blame any one party - but we do need to communicate and face facts.

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