New Breed Of Screenwriters Challenges Hollywood's M.O.

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) September 26, 2007 -- Visual Pitch Productions, Inc., a Southern California-based production company, announced today the launch of My Visual Pitch .com, an online marketplace where unsigned film and television writers create and upload Visual Pitches of their scripts to present to prospective industry professionals. Filmmakers with trailers for completed projects are also encouraged to join, as are musicians with music videos. My Visual Pitch. com affords aspiring talent unprecedented access to industry professionals, allowing them to "show" their ideas before they are sold.

My Visual Pitch .com is the brainchild of screenwriter Pamela Schott, who sought to present her material to the industry in a way that was both memorable and unique.

Encouraged by the popularity of user-generated content such as is found on, and aware that industry professionals increasingly rely on the Internet to find new talent, Schott was inspired to stretch the bounds of pitching. "On traditional screenplay pitching sites," Schott explained, "there are thousands of loglines -- one-sentence project summaries -- for industry pros to wade through. I wanted to rise above the competition, to present my material in a way that's never been seen before."

Schott was also challenged to help busy industry executives with limited prospecting time make the creative leap from written word to sound and imagery. "Film is such a visual medium," Schott said, "so I wanted to do something that would make my stories come to life."

Using software on her Mac and imagery culled from free stock photography and video sites, Schott created Visual Pitches for three of her screenplays and presented them to her manager, Kathy Muraviov of The Muraviov Company. "My immediate response was, 'I can't believe no one's doing this already.'" Muraviov said. She later encouraged Schott to build an online community for other writers to showcase their talent. Recognizing that the music industry would be equally well served through the site, "since image plays a huge role in the music business," Schott included an area for recording artists. The site took 15 months to build, and the company is currently securing a license for the idea.

"In the entertainment business, no one just hands you a career," Schott said. "You've got to make your own lightning rod. This site is providing a marketplace for motivated artists to be seen by equally-motivated industry pros."

To date, writers, musicians, and filmmakers from across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have uploaded Visual Pitches. Industry professionals may register for free to browse content, read any artist-uploaded supporting material, such as loglines, treatments, and synopses, and contact artists whose projects they wish to discuss in further detail.

About Visual Pitch Productions, Inc.

My Visual Pitch .com is a Los Angeles-based, online markeplace that provides entertainment industry professionals exclusive access to the Visual Pitches of up-and-coming screenwriters, musicians, and actors. Founded in 2006, the site's parent company, Visual Pitch Productions, Inc., currently employs two full-time and one-part employees.

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