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Camarillo, California (PressExposure) October 20, 2009 -- Let's get right to it and solve your problem if you are searching for an online business to start from your home. It's just such a daunting task to find a simple home business that someone that has no experience can easily do.

Wait a minute; did I say that a home business is easy? That's what it sounded like, but that's not what I mean. Starting a home business and turning it into a profitable one is anything but easy!

There are so many sites out there that scream "join me, I'm easy", an inexperienced person really doesn't have a chance.

If you are still trying then you know what I mean. Many of them do have potential, however a new person doesn't have a clue on what it really takes to be successful with some of the more popular and inexpensive opportunities.

Let's take a Multi Level Marketing opportunity for example. Most know this term as MLM for short. The first big hook for this type of business is that most will be advertising big pay for almost no work.

Well stand back, because I just saw the biggest red flag I ever seen fly right by here. What an inexperienced person doesn't know is that it takes hundreds or thousands of sponsored people just to make a small paycheck.

The truth is that 99% of all people that join that type of business only sponsor 1 person. That's the best that the average person can do with little or no help.

The second hook for these programs is that they are very inexpensive to join. The truth is you do have to spend money to make money. So how much can you really make if you spend very little and don't sponsor anyone?

Enter the GPT business model, or Get Paid Today. This type of business model has been around for awhile and is usually associated with very high ticket programs.

But who can afford more than $2,000 to join a business? You guessed it, not many. What's worse is the pool of prospective buyers into your new business is much smaller.

All the reports say that most people can afford, and is willing to pay, $500 or less to start a home business. So enter the 100k Power Income System.

This is a new business modeled after the Get Paid Today system but is much more affordable. The commissions paid are very good, with override payments from all your sponsored people.

This is perpetual leverage at its best. The back office is very user friendly, especially if you are a little green. The support you get from your sponsor is fantastic because he or she has a direct stake in how well you are doing.

I can highly recommend this opportunity because it truly is a great opportunity. People that follow simple instructions are able to get going quite easily and are able to produce real results in less than a months time.

I have seen many opportunities with new ones flaunting the hype everyday. The good ones that just lay it on the table and give you the facts are a lot harder to find.

This is truly one of them!

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I can highly recommend the 100k Power Income System to people that are new to home business or have tried other methods of creating wealth from home. With a very user friendly back office training and setup section, people of all skill levels will have no problem getting started quickly.

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