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Houston, Texas (PressExposure) May 07, 2011 -- The Christian Culture Center, a nonprofit 501 C3 is announcing the opening of its new Community Funding Initiative. Christians who have innovative, creative projects that make an impact for Christ in their local culture are invited to apply at the Christian Culture Center web site. Approved projects will be listed so that people can become acquainted with them and pledge their financial support.

Community funding, also called social funding, is a relatively new concept. It is designed to help people, businesses and organizations raise the money they need to accomplish specific tasks. Typically a social funding site displays projects that appeal to their community base. Members of the online community are passionate about whatever it is the site stands for. This passion leads people to support projects the community wants to see come to pass.

People pledge a fixed amount toward the project. Sometimes project owners offer goods in exchange for larger pledges. When a project receives all the pledges it needs, the project receives the funds that were pledged and work can begin. Successful projects must then meet their projected targets and deliver any promised goods to backers. Most projects have budgets in the range of several thousand dollars with pledges starting at $10.

Social funding web sites like Kickstarter and Sellaband have helped fund a wide variety of projects including music, film, design, software purchases and business startups. People who never would have received the necessary funding for their projects in any other way have been able to bring their projects to full fruition. New social funding sites are springing up all over the Internet, but The Christian Culture Center is the first to launch a social funding site for Christians. The Christian community has a place to help birth and nurture worthy projects that help promote Christian values and serve the Christian message.

Richard Allen Golko, founder and President of the Christian Culture Center says, "Our mission is to help increase the impact of Christ in culture. We do this by empowering individuals and organizations to do whatever it is God has given them to do. We are just one organization and we cannot hope to do all God wants to do, but by empowering those God has inspired, much more can be done in our world today. Our primary objective is to empower others." Golko envisioned the Christian Culture Center back in 1982 and has continued to pray into it and work toward establishing it.

The Christian Culture Center helps promote and support projects that have a direct impact in culture today. The Christian Culture Center specifically targets projects that help spread the Christian message in one form or another. For example, The Christian Culture Center might not approve a project that sends food to a third world country, but it might approve a project that visited the same country and performs a musical about Christian salvation. Both projects are worthy, but the second fits more with the Christian Culture Center's mission.

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The Community Funding Initiative offers a great way for people to gain the community support they need to help accomplish their God-given dreams. To find out more about the Christian Culture Center's Community Funding Initiative, visit [].

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