New Cookbook aims at Health and Time-Deprived Newlyweds

Hickory, NC (PressExposure) December 20, 2007 -- Identifying a growing and concerning trend, author Nancy Geiger, has written a cookbook aimed at helping new couples create and maintain healthy and relaxed eating habits. Geiger sees a real need to promote the health, fun and intimacy building aspects of learning to cook in the home as many of today's newlyweds have not had an opportunity to develop these skills in today's fast-paced always on-the-go family environment.

"With newly married couples both typically working full time they tend to grab fast food on the way home from work or go to "nice" restaurants where the bill can be anywhere from $20 to $100 or more. Under the impression perhaps that the nicer restaurants are better health options, they don't think about the huge portions or the fact that many items have a lot of fat and salt in them." Geiger notes, "One recent magazine article pointed out that the typical restaurant entree serves up to 60% more calories than the homemade versions. This is adding to the national problem of obesity."

"Many brides today, especially if they do have a full time job out of the house, feel that cooking dinner is too time consuming and difficult. What they don't stop to realize is that it takes longer driving to a restaurant, ordering, waiting for the meal to be prepared and returning, than to prepare and enjoy dinner at home. They miss out on the best part of eating dinner: relaxing and sharing your day with another person." She added.

Geiger believes by teaching people just starting out in a new marriage, they will develop the habit of sitting down to a healthy and relaxing meals, creating the down-time and intimacy that will bind them together for a healthy marriage too!

So she wrote a cookbook for brides.

Having always loved to cook Geiger started collecting recipes as a teen. She married into the army and spent her first 3 years overseas in Germany where entertaining friends (both American and European) became an almost daily affair. While their husbands spent time away on military exercises, the wives would entertain each other hosting showers, coffees, potlucks, and planning parties on our husbands' return. They shared favorite recipes and tested all sorts of fun entertaining ideas constantly. Since leaving the army she has continued to enjoy cooking and entertaining using any excuse she can think of to do so. She's found that her guests enjoy themselves much more when she is relaxing and having a good time too.

Many guests over the years have asked how she makes entertaining seem so effortless which led her to collect these thoughts and methods, and ultimately share many of them with others. The easier you make it, Geiger believes, the more fun for everyone!

Over the years, she has also added healthy eating and diet as an interest, again after getting lots of questions from friends and guests asking how she stays so fit while always entertaining. Not having realized it, Geiger had just naturally incorporated health and nutrition into her cooking and entertaining without even a conscious thought. "Eating healthy can be a normal and routine part of your meal planning for both you and your guests, without sacrificing anything. It is truly easy to eat healthier!" Geiger says.

'A Bride's Cookbook or Surviving the First Year' shows newlyweds how to save time, money and stress by cooking quick, easy and healthy meals for two in their own home. Once they have mastered that the book leads them in to dinners for four and creative and easy parties. It explains how to stock their pantries, substitute ingredients and fold dinner napkins. There are lists of culinary terms and calorie charts.

The book is in both e-book format and in a print on demand version. Many women today have their computers in the kitchen and like the ease of pulling a recipe up. E-books have a search feature that helps the reader go directly to what she is looking for. People can also download an e-book within minutes. But, Geiger realizes many people will want the book in print version as a Bridal Shower or Wedding Gift so it is available with a wire spiral spine so that it will lie open easily.

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