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Everett, PA (PressExposure) August 21, 2008 -- Yesterday, internet business Consumer Credit Card Network – [] announced its credit card website has gone live.

The Consumer Credit Card Network’s newly released website provides a one-stop-shopping resource exclusively focused on assisting consumers in finding and obtaining the best credit card opportunities to meet their financial needs. Whether someone has an excellent credit history or one that may be less than desirable the site provides practically everyone with the ability to find a credit card provider along with the ability to instantly apply for approval.

This site is a wonderful resource because everyone fundamentally needs a credit card to function with ease in today’s economic environment. Whether purchasing a plane ticket for travel, purchasing merchandise on the internet or when a home or car is in need or emergency repairs, a credit card is just the right solution.

One of the notable features of the site is that it provides professionally written credit card reviews that detail the benefits and terms of every card offered. This facilitates every consumer with the ability to perform a comparative assessment of credit card offers and then instantly submit their application from the comfort of their home or office.

As for the having the ability to comparative shop for credit cards Timothy LeBlanc illustrates its value. “Having the ability to comparative shop for credit cards from one location makes practical sense and has great value. If a consumer is shopping for a computer, automobile or any other merchandise they would most likely comparative shop to receive the best features, options and deals associated with their purchase. Why should applying for a credit card be any different? Now it doesn’t have to be.”

Unfortunately there are millions of Americans with current and/or previous poor credit histories or are just starting out or have not established one. Consumers who may find themselves in these situations have no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed while searching for a credit card on the Consumer Credit Card Network. This is due to the fact they provide a variety of credit card lenders who are dedicated and willing to work with consumers who are in need of obtaining credit cards when their credit history is not perfect or is just beginning as an employee and/or college student.

The website serves as a network and link between consumers and the lending institutions. When a consumer applies for credit their information is only going to the secure site of the agency they are applying with. This information is not obtained by the Consumer Credit Card Network.

The newly released website is user friendly and provides a level playing field for the banks and lending institutions who are providing the credit card offers as well as for the consumers who will be applying for the credit card(s).

In the near future they will also be releasing a re-designed website that will have a similar name ([]) but will serve another purpose. It will be dedicated to assist consumers who are in need of repairing their credit. This site will network and link other businesses and agencies who are experts in the field of credit repair and debt management. It will also include resources for auto and personal loans as well as auto and health insurance.

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We function as an online website business and serve as a network and link between consumers and the lending institutions. Our site provides a user friendly one-stop-shopping environment to assist all consumers in finding and obtaining the best credit card opportunities to meet their needs.

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