New Ebook On Child Sexual Assault From A Parent's Perspective

Saint Louis, Missouri (PressExposure) August 18, 2008 -- After a year of trying to "fight the legal system" to protect her daughter from a known sex offender (with no success), Kimberly Cheryl decided to spread her knowledge and experience to a wider audience by writing a book. Cheryl, the mother of an abused child who has not been able to find justice in a system that is overwhelmed with laws against abuse, expects to see 14 months of work come to fruition at the end of the month, when copies of "Shattered Reality" become available. Until the book hits Amazon and bookstore shelves, you can find the e-book copy at

The book tells the struggles of one family trying to find justice against a perpetrator of child sexual assault. Cheryl said she wrote the book to help other families in their personal struggles with victimization. "As a parent, there just aren't any resources or support groups to help," she said. "There are stories from survivors but what of the parents who are overwhelmed with emotions. They not only have to battle the legal system for justice for their child but they also suffer as they help the victim and deal with extended family issues."

Empowerment and positive thinking were concepts Cheryl kept in mind as she wrote. "This is strictly raw, sexual assault will affect one in 10 homes in the United States this year alone and 90% of the victims know their attackers. The statistics are staggering." Cheryl said. "We have law books full of laws yet no one wants to prosecute them."

As a parent, Cheryl voices her frustration with cases such as the one in Missouri where Fox 2 News noted: A St. Louis County lawmaker, who'd pushed for tougher punishment for sex offenders, is now accused of being a sex offender, himself. State Representative Scott Muschany was indicted in Cole County. He was booked into jail on a charge of deviant sexual assault, a class C felony. The indictment accuses him of having "sexually deviant intercourse" with a minor on May 17, 2008. The victim was reportedly a 14 year old, whose mother worked at the Missouri Capitol. Muschany is the married father of two. He and his wife had also been foster parents. "They're as good of people as you know. They've been fabulous, pillars...from fostering little babies to working hard in the church. It's a shock. We're all stunned."

The problem with cases such as these, which is a similar case to the story told in "Shattered Reality", is people can't comprehend something like "this" from someone like "him". Unfortunately, good people do bad things. Sexual abusers do not come in any particular shape, race, sex, or economic background. One law enforcement officer working on Cheryl's case stated: "I never met a sex offender I didn't like".

In a society where we show sex on everything from underwear commercials to movie screens but we don't want to discuss it with our children, we need to change our attitudes and do more to protect our children. These children are being hurt at an alarming rate and live with life long scars (especially when the perpetrator is an upstanding citizen and no one wants to believe the young victim).

Cheryl found the inspiration for her book in an online support group where parents come together to discuss their frustrations and emotions. She hopes to be able to start a support group for parents soon but until then, Cheryl would like to see "Shattered Reality" as a resource for others. They are not alone and their feelings of frustration, hopelessness and fear are real and normal. Cheryl looks forward to a day when these children and families get "their day in court".

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Author: Kimberly Cheryl Elliott, MBA is CEO of Executive Defense Technology, LLC. She is a self defense instructor, consultant, speaker, and author. As a certified, Rape/Aggression/Defense trainer, Mrs. Elliott is a safety advocate teaching thousands each year at high school programs, church meetings and Fortune 500 organizational seminars. She is also the author of the book: " Are Your Habits Killing You?" Complete information on Kimberly Elliott is available at her web site

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