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N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (PressExposure) December 27, 2007 -- Restore an old stairway, or quickly build new self-supporting, ready-to-climb stairs by using relatively light weight, easily handled components that can be put together at the job site without the need to pour concrete, weld parts together, or use a crane. The steps can be cut to length at the site to accommodate new or existing stringers that may have space variances between the stringers due to misaligned building components, settling, warping and etc.

Current standard types of exterior stairs, or stairways, don't hold up well, and have a short life span due to premature failure. Their performance does not justify their cost. This product is superbly durable, long lasting, cost effective and maintenance free. Replacementsteps renders the current standard types such as diamond plate metal, solid concrete, concrete poured in metal pans, or wood, as outdated.

The average time to replace a 13 to 14 riser stairway with commonly used materials is a minimum of 9 to 10 hours. Due to this, another factor other than time and labor expense can come into play. In certain areas, there are laws and regulations that prohibit the closing down of stairways for more than a few hours. The time for demolition of an existing stairway of 13 to 14 risers, to the time of completion using Replacementsteps is less than 4 hours. This factor adds up to a substantial saving of time and money.

Safety problems such as slipping or tripping are not a factor with Replacementsteps because they will not crack or scale. They have a built-in skid finish to protect tenant/guest pedestrians. This is the same skid protection used by the US NAVY on the decks of their aircraft carriers. The steps are interlocked during installation, and as such, act as a single unit from top to bottom, thereby creating superb rigid stability.

Metal and/or concrete exterior stairway lifespan can be as little as seven years. Replacementsteps lifespan is gauged to be 30+ years. And they require virtually no upkeep.

General building codes require step load capacity to be at the 600 lbs. per sq. mark. Replacementsteps have been engineered for superior strength. They have been tested and inspected. Their weight bearing capacity exceeds 1500 lbs. per sq. foot.

George W. Zuurbier, PE, Wytheville, Va. in his inspection states, "The principle reason for this much greater strength than other stair systems is that the riser on this stair is integral with the tread, and greatly multiplies the strength and stiffness of the unit. It is my professional opinion, based on reasonable engineering judgment and the foregoing findings, that this stair system equals or exceeds the expected performance of commercially available units. In view of the exceedingly high factor of safety, there does not appear to be any need for modification, supplemental support, or other changes to the unit as presented."

"I have been in the Property Management Business for 35 years now and have had to replace many stairs in all types of conditions. Stair replacement is one of the most costly rehab items on property assets and is never a pleasant installation. This replacement was done faster and turned out better than any I have even seen done and the probability of the fiberglass meeting a 20 year projection is very high, thus making it a very profitable upgrade. Usually, you could expect to replace the same stairs at least twice during the same time frame plus lots of costly upkeep in between. Also, let me add that these stairs, since 2000, have not had to have one cent spent on upkeep," said Rick Heron, Property Asset Manager, Ambling ReplacementSteps are utilized in the renovation or new construction of exterior stairs/stairways/steps. They are superbly durable, safe, long lasting, cost effective, maintenance free, and weather resistant.Management, Inc.

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