New English Immersion Course for Young Learners of English

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) June 12, 2008 -- Miyuki Mizutani, Director of the Education Department at Okayama, Japan's Amity Corporation, announced recently the inception of a new English immersion course for young learners. Amity is Japan's largest private institution dedicated to teaching children English skills and it has more than 20,000 students dispersed throughout its 75 specialty schools.

The new immersion course focuses on teaching young children the fundamentals of English pronunciation, intonation, and natural communication in English. Parents and students will spend two to three days a week at Amity for over 300 minutes of personal instruction in the classroom. The immersion course will combine a collection of vibrant, creative texts, storybooks, songs and materials to stimulate student's learning in an active, engaging learning environment.

Amity schools combine the talents of Native English Teachers hired to live and teach in Japan and Japanese English Teachers, instructors from Japan who have a skillful command of English. The teachers work in tandem in the Immersion Course to offer students a comprehensive lesson catering to the fundamentals of excellent English use. The immersion course is now offered at each of Amity's 75 schools.

Amity is a division of the AEON Corporation of Japan and has grown to become the leading conversational English school in Japan for children. Amity has been operating independently of AEON since 1994 and has developed a world-wide native teacher recruiting system since 2005. Amity regularly recruits teachers from all across North America and the United Kingdom. Amity has offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto. Each office contributes greatly to the recruitment of highly-qualified teachers who will live in Japan on one-year contracts and teach English in Japan.

The Amity Corporation hires talented native-speaking professionals from around the world through its recruiting offices enabling Japanese students to receive the highest quality English instruction while profiting from the rich cultural experience of their diverse teaching faculty.

Amity Corporation recruits English as Foreign Language (EFL) teachers throughout the calendar year from its North American offices. Annually, the Amity Corporation recruiters hire more than 130 professionals - all meeting high educational, professional and personal standards - to move to Japan to become EFL instructors at schools spread across the main island Honshu in Japan.

AEON Corporation of Japan, Amity's parent company, has been an innovator in the field of English education for more than 30 years, offering exceptional classroom and internet opportunities to study and master the language for students beyond grammar school age. Founded in 1973 by Kiyoshi Aki, AEON has grown to become one of the largest and most respected private educational institutes of its kind, with more than 3,000 employees. Current student enrollment exceeds 100,000 in more than 300 branch schools located within every prefecture of Japan. AEON employs a teaching staff of over 800 teachers and education specialists from English-speaking nations.

Taken together, AEON's tremendous success and Amity's stellar instruction for children of all ages, the AEON Amity Corporation has created the pre-eminent English language teaching enterprise in Japan.

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Scott Hillkirk is an international recruiter for the AEON Amity Corporation of Japan promoting teaching English in Japan [] and training ESL teachers to teach English in Japan. Before his work as a recruiter, he taught children EFL for several years in Japan as Head of Teacher Development for Amity. He also has experience working as a journalist. His reporting has appeared in national publications including USA Today and Men's Health Magazine. For more information please visit:[]

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