New Fairytale TV Shows Praised by National Storytelling Expert

Avondale, AZ (PressExposure) October 27, 2011 -- "I love the idea of these new TV shows! I think that anytime we can bring the stories of old to a new audience, that is great thing for humanity," says Sean Buvala.

International storyteller and storytelling expert, Sean Buvala, is not surprised that television shows such as "Grimm" or "Once Upon a Time" featuring fairytales have appeared in the 2011 fall line-up. "Fairytales are true. While the magic may not be real, fairytales contain truths that all human beings feel in our common experience," said Buvala.

Sean is very familiar with the power of good storytelling. He is the author of the fathers-as-storytellers book "DaddyTeller" and the director of a leading internet site for storytelling at

"Certainly the producers of these new TV shows know that fairytales are universally approachable and familiar. Most of us remember hearing fairy and folktales from our parents, grandparents and teachers. This feeling from childhood is one of the reasons we still love these stories," he said.

Buvala knows that these tales have deeper meanings than just what is seen on the TV screen, "There is a reason that few characters are ever actually given a name in the original fairytales. The role that a character plays tells us what they represent. As an example, most of us know people who misuse their power or status and a wicked king or queen would fill that role in a fairytale. And children who are lost in a forest is really about all of us feeling lost or overwhelmed." comments Buvala.

Justice and self-reliance are some of the positive messages of fairytales or stories from the Brothers Grimm. Buvala says, 'When you dig into the original tales, before they were diluted for modern audiences, you find few helpless women or characters. Rather than wait for a rescue, most take strong actions to make things better. In the end, those that cause the problems, the Rumplestiltskins of life, receive their just, if violent, punishments."

He continues, "Fairytales teach that evil will be overcome. Rather than being stories of how there are dangerous wolves in the world, these tales teach that the wolves can be defeated. That is a message that is good for the kids to adults of any TV audience: that you can overcome the problems life may bring."


K. Sean Buvala

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