New Fat Loss Secret Reveals Why The Weight Loss Industry Is Screaming Mad At This Doctor

Scottsdale, Arizona (PressExposure) April 24, 2008 -- There is a new secret now being revealed worldwide that shows you how to lose weight, keep fit and healthy and at the same time adding years to your life. A Doctor from Arizona is now revealing a top secrets in weight loss that has not only upset the diet industry, it is literally making them shake with anger.

Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is putting her life at risk but is prepared to do so because she believes you need to know the truth. Her secrets she is revealing are not hard for you to do and they are certainly not difficult for people to understand.

Back in 2002 through research and exploration on the human colon and the digestive system and the nutritional absorption she began to get amazing results.

She found a harmful plague and parasitic infestations in the human bowel causing people to become obese despite the fact these people were on strict diets and did more than enough exercise. She wanted to know why these people still couldn't lose weight.

It took six years to find the truth and many natural treatments to remove these life threatening plagues many of which reproduced themselves inside the human bowel. Her tests saw a 100% success rate.

She then applied the same tests to people with simple weight problems and found she got the same results and helped patients lose nearly as much as 100 lbs to 200 lbs.

Her secret is so powerful that it can reverse diabetes, rid cancer linked to poor diets and help prevent many other life threatening diseases.

Many of her patients were told by doctors they had just months or years to live and would never be normal again, but after taking her treatments they soon became well and led totally normal lives once more.

Remember, there is nothing unusual being done here by these people and anyone can use these secrets.

The treatment is solely based on protection agents found throughout the world in herbs, extracts, organic constituents all of which are found in a variety of plants. However, when combined and made into special amounts it can be the solution to the world's fastest growing problem - OBESITY!

Now she is releasing this secret to the world. Regardless of whether you are obese or just want to lose those extra pounds you have gained over time, but she does not know how long she will be able to let you in on the secrets.

The diet industry is upset at her revelations because it will have a huge impact on their business and income. It would be like telling people they can run their car on water. How do you think the oil industry would re-act to that?

One well-respected and famous diet & wellness author wrote years ago that if anyone ever "truly unlocked the keys to permanent fat loss, they may actually suffer the same fate as JFK."

About A Fat Loss Secret

It is currently available at: [] you may want to head on over there now and get it and before someone or "something" gets it forever yanked out of ever getting in YOUR hand at least.

Anyone can understand this even if you have a 4th grade education.

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