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Pretoria, South Africa (PressExposure) December 15, 2008 -- Have you ever heard the name Ozymandeus? Not Ozymandias, the famous poem by Shelley, though they both are about Egypt. Playing with the name as the King of Kings, a new product has just been released. A new fictional novel with the name Ozymandeus by the author Leon Steyn has just been launched on the internet. The book will first be in an e-book form, with a unique marketing concept behind it. To make it more than a book, a challenge to solve an old mystery has been connected to the book.

The book is about an Egyptian that is on a path of self finding around the year 600 BC. In the desert he encounters a spiritual force and is informed that he must perform an unknown task. He is given a special amulet, a golden round disk to remind him of this. He then finds himself in a series of circumstances, set up by his spiritual educator. While he is taught different lesson he discovers the task he needs to perform.

He needs to build a tomb in which he must put a library of valuable age old information. This information, written on scrolls must be protected for a later generation. The place where he must build the Tomb is indicated to him by the Heavens above the Egyptian desert. The stars reveal to him a place that should be replicated on the ground. The Tomb is built and once the valuable information is safe, the Tomb is covered with sand.

Though Astronomy plays a part in the book, the reader can follow the story without have to know the basic of this science. Still only somebody able to make sense of all the clues in the plot will be able to predict where the Tomb is. The PDF file book is 210 pages long and maps and graphics are included. Egypt, Spirituality and Astronomy are woven into the easy reading. The PDF file also makes it easy for persons with bad eye sight to read the text.

The book is marketed uniquely as a Challenge. In the book clues show to the exact position the Tomb lies under the Egyptian sand. Using the star map provided and the Egyptian map you can work out the position. Once the position is established the reader must explain how he ended up at that position. In December 2009 one lucky person will receive a reward for finding the Tomb. The reward will be in the form of a trip to Egypt and a cash prize. Each book sold will contribute $5 to an accumulating prize to less but no more than $1000 000.

Another added benefit is that people can become affiliates of the author and earn commission by marketing the book. More about the book and where to download it can be seen on the official website with the same name: []

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Leon Steyn is a fictional writer. He finds his inspiration by travelling to places where ruins of Ancient Civilizations are still present. His novel Ozymandeus plays of in Egypt. He has visited Egypt, India, Cambodia and other Eastern countries. He stayed in a Zen monastery called LingJioushan yet have extensively visited temples of religions including Muslim, Hindu, Daoism, Confucism and Sikhism. He plans to release his next, already completed novel in the printed media.

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