New First Aid Kits: Organized by Injury Type, Totally Unlike any Typical White Box

Frederick, Maryland (PressExposure) May 09, 2007 -- New First Aid Kits: Organized by Type of Injury with Specific Supplies & Instructions Meets and exceeds OSHA standards Meets 2006 National First Aid Science Advisory Board Guidelines

Peke Safety Inc. of Frederick MD announces First Aid Kits that are very different from a typical white box full of bandages, wipes and creams. Peke Safety kits are organized by type of injury. This unique patented complete First Aid System is supplied in a soft-sided carry case with sturdy handle and zipper.

Dominic Contino, General Manager at Peke Safety Inc. explains the benefits. "Imagine you have an emergency and you rush to a typical white first aid box- you open the box, look inside and what do you find? An assortment of supplies, some items are there and others may be missing! And, when you find the supplies, what exactly do you do? How can you be sure that you're using the correct items? And doing the right thing? It's easy to make a mistake in a panic situation. And that mistake may make things worse, or even cost a life. Our First Aid Kits avoid that kind of uncertainty. Our First Aid Kits contain packs that are organized by type of injury. We provide organized instructions and organized supplies when you don't have time to search, when you don't have time to hesitate."

For example, suppose you are dealing with a burn. Dominic Contino says, "You go to the Peke Safety First Aid Kit and you pull out the pack that is clearly labeled "BURNS". Inside are three things: all the supplies you need; step-by-step instructions on an easy to follow card; and a place to write down the facts that OSHA wants. This organized approach to First Aid makes sure that the right supplies, the right instructions and the right protocols are all in the right place when they are needed. All in accordance with the National Safety Council latest procedures."

Injury-specific packs are brought together in Kits. There is a choice of kits, including a kit has all the injury-specific packs, and other kits, which contain a selection of packs, tuned to particular circumstances.

The following standard injury-specific sealed packs are available: Breathing, Bleeding, Shock, Head & Spine, Bone, Eye, Burns, and Bites & Stings. Also included is the Basic Pack that contains commonly used first aid items such as bandages and antiseptic wipes. Other optional special packs are available: one contains the items needed to clean up blood borne pathogens, and another pack contains the protective clothing needed to be worn by the person who does the clean up.

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