New Fishing Lure Lighting Up UK Waters!

Guildford, Surrey United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 26, 2011 -- There's a new fishing lure lighting up UK waters! Yes, that's right "lighting them up". Being introduced to the region by Surrey based Fishing Revolution Ltd; LaserLure is creating a huge splash diving in across the country.

Your probably wondering who they are and why all the fuss? Well I'm just about to tell you.

LaserLure are a company who have had growing success amongst anglers in the US since they introduced themselves back in 2006. It hasn't stopped there either; their success has already started to spread to Canada and South Africa and now to over here in the UK.

Basically what LaserLure did was they first produced a fantastic, high end fishing lure which meets all the criteria a top range lure should, starting with the way it casts which they made just as good as any of the top performing lures on the market today. To follow that up they concentrated on incorporating incredibly realistic wobble and roll to mimic an injured fish, which coupled with the shiny red Mustad triple grip hooks they added, does that job perfectly. They then turned to focus on the design of the lure, which they also managed to hit the nail on the head with, managing to produce a lure which looks so lifelike in it's colour and shape that you would probably mistake it for a fish in your pond, that's if you have a pond of course.

Now I know your thinking is that it, other companies have already managed to come up with similar things, but wait a second..., I haven't finished, there's one more thing LaserLure did. They then topped all that quality off by adding their new lure technology to it and if you haven't noticed what it is by reading the name of their company, then let me enlighten you. LaserLure integrated their patented flashing laser into each model of lure they produced, and what that laser does is trigger a reaction inside basically all types of fresh and saltwater fish, so that when they see it they can't help but chase it recklessly and try to bite it like they haven't eaten in years. I mean if you've ever shined a laser light into a fish tank at an aquarium then you'll know what I'm talking about (in fact you can see this actually happening on our website). This doesn't just work for any normal light, the reason a laser light is so effective is because it's the only light where electrons are tightly aligned and focused on a specific target, and judging from the results we've seen, that makes all the difference to a fish. In fact if we want to be technical about it, the laser light increases a fish's strike zone by 300%.

Of course though we have to be realistic about this, we can't be mislead into thinking this is some kind of magic lure and you'll start catching a million fish at a time with it because let's be honest, there's no such thing as magic and I don't think most people have the strength to pull in a million fish at a time, even if they did eat their weetabix that morning. However, what the lure does do is increase the probability of getting bites quite substantially. For example, the deeper a lure dives the less visible it becomes underwater (especially in brackish waters), but put a laser light in these conditions (which will also light up the lure) and couple this with the fact that fish chase laser light then you've got the perfect combination for triggering fish strikes at your disposal.

Also LaserLures haven't just become popular with your average angler as a lot of the professionals have also taken a liking to them. For example, Mike Iaconelli, winner of the 2006 angler of the year award claims LaserLures helped him catch a lot of his key fish in the 2009 Bassmaster Classic. Other Pro's like Matt Newman and Ish Monroe seem to have great things to say about LaserLure as well and we can't forget the 2007 Bassmaster Classic champion Boyd Duckett who in 2009 took a step and joined LaserLure's prostaff team.

Moving on to quality, the lures are made from polybuterate plastic which is extremely tough and very durable compared to plastics used in other lures. The lures use a lithium ion battery built into the water tight body to power the laser which only turns on only when in contact with water. We will admit, there is criticism on the fact that the battery can't be replaced but we have to bare in mind that if it was replaceable then water would easily be able to get into the lure and stop it from working anyway. On the positive side though the time of 80 hours the battery lasts for is 80 hours of the lure being in the water as it's only in use when in contact with water. Also when the life of the battery ends you're still left with an incredible fishing lure which is just as effective as any other top range lure.

Finally if you want variety, that's exactly what LaserLure gives you. You can have a top water lure like a popper to crankbaits which are capable of diving up to 20ft. Of course there's all the others in between like your jerk baits and shallow diving crankbaits to mid divers and of course they all have the integrated laser. It doesn't stop with their models either, with colours your also spoiled for choice, each model having between 8 to 14 realistic colours to choose from all with a great finish.

So to conclude, if you want to live in the past whilst technology is developing making things more enjoyable for society then fine, by all means do that. However if you're open to a bit of change, want to embrace the future where most of us are heading and obviously like fishing, then I think this may be your kind of thing.

Until next time, thank you for reading and goodbye.

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