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Bayfield, Colorado (PressExposure) August 15, 2013 -- Greentracks Amazon Cruise Films YouTube Channel provides a close-up look at the Amazon rainforest with its spectacular flora and fauna.

The GreenTracks Amazon River Wildlife Adventure Cruise video is a 10 minute trip into remote areas of the Amazon rainforest to observe monkeys, sloths, birds, dolphins and other creatures that inhabit this majestic place.

The Mirrored Rainforest shows the spectacular beauty of the forest rivers and creeks. These black-water rivers are known locally as El Espejo de la Selva (the Mirror of the rainforest) for their highly reflective qualities.

Flight of Egrets and Cormorants is an example of how an Greentracks Amazon Cruise often comes across the unexpected. On a recent trip thousands of Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets and Neotropical Cormorants were spotted. Our estimate is well over 2000 birds in this fly-over.

The Crested Oropendola with its distinctive vocalization is commonly seen and heard. These birds have very distinctive hanging nests.

The Caiman Lizard is found throughout the Amazon Basin. This beautifully colored lizard spend most of their time in trees overhanging water where they can drop into the water if threatened. They are excellent swimmers. They feed on a number of small aquatic animals, but prefer snails.

Madidi at Chalalan EcoLodge in Bolivia's Madidi National Park is a slide show detailing the diversity of wildlife found here.

Amazon Danger? The Bushmaster asks how dangerous is the Amazon's largest venomous snake? Renowned field biologist Bill Lamar of GreenTracks gives perspective on the actual vs. perceived danger.

Bill Lamar on Anacondas follows field biologist Bill Lamar hunting an Anaconda.

Greentracks Amazon Cruise Films will continue to add more films in the future in order to show the beauty and diversity to be found on their Amazon programs. GreenTracks provides the finest nature and culture-oriented trips into tropical regions of Latin America. Founded in 1992 by prominent tropical biologists, GreenTracks has delivered memorable adventures with expert guidance to thousands of vacationers.

In the Quechuan language, the meaning of Apurímac, headwater of the Amazon, is "the God who speaks." No doubt the great river could talk forever about what it has witnessed. Peru is already full of World Heritage sites but it's time to recognize one more: The Amazon, our last frontier, the lungs of the planet, the world's pharmacy, is the most intriguing, astonishing, and impressive place on earth, yet it has never received the distinction it most deserves: Premier Wonder of the World.

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