New Guide To Vision Without Glasses That Details Alternatives To Corrective Lenses For Perfect Eyesight

Colorado Springs, CO (PressExposure) July 17, 2011 -- New guide to Vision Without Glasses that details alternatives to corrective lenses for perfect eyesight. Visit to discover ways to improve your vision without glasses.

Two of the most common vision ailments are Myopia and Presbyopia; otherwise known as near-and far-sightedness. Both ailments affect clear vision and the distance that is seen when looking at objects. Both ailments can be cured on their by using the "Vision Without Glasses" methods. Almost all eye ailments are caused from bad habits learned as children, combined with strain on the eyes.

Myopia is caused by the eyeballs elongating, affecting one's vision. This ailment is caused by habits which include only looking at objects close up for long periods of time. This starts out in school age children who are forced to learn things from books and other materials requiring close contact focus.

Myopia becomes a problem due to strain on the eyes, pressure, anxiety, or frustration. The pressure young children have to succeed is enormous, the effort can cause strain on their vision. When information is boring, it is hard to actually learn. Looking at material for long periods of time without a break can cause the eyes to strain on close up information. By implementing the "Vision Without Glasses" methodology found at, you will have clearer vision quickly.

Nearsighted vision can also be contributed to mental strain and psychological issue. Myopia can be part of an anxiety or nervousness about the future. Subconsciously the person may be afraid of what lays ahead of them and are unable to look ahead to the future. In this case, they are comfortable where they are and feel safe in their close up world.

Presbyopia is the ability to see things in the distant but not things close up. Far sighted vision starts affecting people in their 40s. This is when the lenses start to harden. The muscles around the eye can still be train to force the eyes to contract even with harden lenses. This ailment is believed to be part of getting older, so we just accept the problem and get glasses. We allow our eyes to become lazy and learn to rely on artificial lenses to get us through each day.

Presbyopia can also be 'all in the mind'. People start to look too far to the future and refuse to look at things right in front of them. They allow their focus to be on retirement instead of on fixing the leaking faucet today.By implementing the "Vision Without Glasses" methodology found at,you can rapidly improve your vision without the use of corrective lenses.

Both these vision impairments can be avoided by allowing the eyes to move around naturally each day and by implementing the Vision Without Glasses techniques. If you are studying something up close for most of the day, spend an hour or so looking at things in the distance. If you are looking at things far away grab a book and read some pages.

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