New Hitting Technique passes the Scientific Method!

Naperville, IL (PressExposure) February 17, 2012 -- Why are some hitters contact hitters and others pure power hitters? Seems like very few hitters can hit for both power and average. Team Hitting Specialist Mike " Hubie Magic" Huber trains travel, high school, college, and even pro teams just how to do this and claims he has found a hidden secret that he has found no one to know about. This special technique was originally patterned after the swing components of Ted Williams swing and has seemed to successfully undergo the test of time.

Huber claims that this secret technique can (on average) get hitters to improve their batting average and slugging percentage by 50 - 90 points at the same time.

"I know this is a bold statement but after I discovered the technique I decided to prove how well the technique worked by using the "scientific method" that we all learned in school." Huber explains.

Huber observed ( 1st method :Observation) that not many hitters can hit for power and average and knew that most hitters were either rotational (mostly power) or linear hitters ( mostly contact). This was a problem ( Method 2: Identify the Problem) that Huber set out to fix and finally found his secret techique that he hypotenized would solve this problem. So Huber went out and trained over 70 different teams with this new method and collected data (Collecting data: 3rd method) of each players previous stats along with the teams pattern of collected stats over the past 5 years. He has done this same experimental method with over 70 different teams since 1998 ( Method 4: Test hypothesis and method 5 repeat test).

Huber is known for predicting how well he can help a team because he has been able to draw conclusions on the variables ( training different teams at different levels even with different bat limitations...method number 6: Testing Variables). Huber even trained teams in warm and cold climates and after training 70 different teams he was able to conclude that each team improved their batting average and slugging percentage by 50-90 points on average.

"In the beginning of these experiments I trained willing teams for free as I based my guesses on theory alone. After further conclusions and data collecting, my theory turned to a scientific fact that this special method can help hitters at the rate that I predicted." explained Huber.

Coaches who have trained with this method swear by Huber's claims and he has the highest testimonial rate out there right now. Huber believes that hitting can be broken down into an exact science and that this special technique has the chance to change the face of baseball if this secret would ever get nationally recognized.

About Hubie Magic

About Mike Huber: Team Hitting Specialist and Confidence Trainer, Mike Huber, has traveled the country to help baseball teams improve their hitting skills at a record breaking pace with the Hubie Magic Training System. This training system has helped teams set over 60 state, national, and/or team hitting records while training over 70 different teams since the late 1990s. He is the author of the book, Tapping Into the Spirit of Ted Williams. Mr. Huber, a Chicagonative, has been a radio show analyst of ESPN radio, is a public speaker, holds his masters at Chicago State University in Physical Wellness and Kinetics, and has written many articles on the subject of hitting.

Press Inquiries: Mike Huber is available for television, radio, newspaper, magazine and on-line interviews, articles and speaking engagements.
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