New Invention Stops Dangers Of Inhaling Cold Air Into Your Lungs

Toms River, New Jersey (PressExposure) January 24, 2008 -- Originals By Weber, Terry L. Weber, of Toms River, NJ announces immediate availability of the new Weber Breath Warming Cold Weather Mask Model 1-E. It is well known that inhaling cold air into lungs increases the possibility of having a heart attack up to fifty percent. In addition, cold air in the lungs can cause loss of up to forty percent of body heat, thereby increasing chance of getting a cold or the flu.

This new non-electric, low cost economy model breath warmer mask, with its built in, patented, heat exchange (heat sink) unit automatically warms 22-degree outside air to a comfortable 80-degrees when the wearer inhales each breath. How it works: the wearer of the mask exhales warm air from lungs and mouth, the breath of air passes through the exchange unit and it warms the exchanger. Then, when wearer inhales, as the incoming cold air moves through the now warmed heat exchanger, it is warmed to about 80-degrees before it moves into the mask wearer’s lungs. Result: with this warm air in the lungs, instead of cold air, the whole body feels much warmer.

The mask can be used while: watching outdoor sports, hunting, ice fishing, ice skating, skiing, walking, running, jogging, cycling, camping, and by all who work outdoors in cold weather. People with health problems that are related to breathing cold air can also wear it.

Included with each mask is a washable liner on the inside of the mask. The liner is used to keep the inside of the mask clean and sanitary at all times. This washable liner is attached with Velcro so it can be easily removed, washed and hung out to dry.

Weber says: “Many of our customer report back to us and express their satisfaction with the way the mask is so comfortable to wear and how breathing warm air into their lungs makes their whole body feel much warmer.”

Weber Breath Warming Cold Weather Mask Model 1-E; color is brown; weight is 4 oz., and it is priced at $19.95 each plus $3.00 (for First Class Mail shipping and handling in USA), from Toms River, NJ. For more information or to order, write to Originals By Weber, Attention: Terry L. Weber, 338-C Alabama Avenue, Toms River, NJ, 08753 or go to website for complete details: []


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