New Lice Product Is Natural, Organic and Highly Useful

Barrie, Ontario Canada (PressExposure) April 23, 2007 -- As we find out more about the dangerous pesticides we use on our children's heads to remove lice, it becomes clearer that sometimes the cure is worse than the affliction. In other words, we're using a nuclear bomb approach to something that requires a natural approach. Sadly, many of these chemicals used in regular lice removal are turning out to be carcinogenic, in fact many label this on their packaging. As for current cures, some are equally as dangerous as the chemicals themselves, including the kerosene approach, the Isopropal Hydrogen Peroxide approach and many others are ineffective and disgusting such as the mayonaise approach. A new product promises a sort of nirvana for parents and is well worth further investigation given the alternatives.

This new natural approach is a combination of essential oils made inactive. It is called simply Kim's Lice Preventative. The smell is fairly mild and the product can be used daily for both prevention and promotion of lice free hair.

Rather than being quite disgusting as some alternatives are, it is a spritz on. Say for example your child was going to school and you wanted to ensure they didn't bring back anything extra, you would spritz it on in the morning. If something dared to crawl on their heads, the spritz would kick in and kill any eggs or bugs on the head. So if little Timmy sat next to lice ridden Johnnie and there was transference, it would stand to reason that if Timmy had this product on there is no way this child would have lice. And that is after all what users of this new product (now on the market for about a year) have to say about the product.

Parents say that it is an amazing product, fully capable of doing what it claims. More to the point, some parents say that rather than live without it, they choose to restock their shelves and never lend it out to friends. It has become to them what having an old bottle of cough medicine is. And giving some comfort to this is that the FDA has approved its use on heads in Canada and it safe to use daily. It is even organic. People have been swarming to get a hold of bottles. Though other countries in the world have bugs, it is currently available in Canada with a few selected carriers of this product now in the U.S..

Compared to other ways to remove lice, it is easy. Even if a person had an outbreak, they could apply this and within a day start seeing dead bugs and dead eggs falling out of their hair without nit picking. But for prevention, it also singles out whatever offender dares invade. The concotion can also be used to clean combs and brushes.

"It makes doing excess amounts of laundry and toys pointless," says one parent who uses Kim's Lice Preventative (Diana). "It has simply changed our lives for the better and we'll never go back. As long as I have this in the cupboard, there is no way lice are ever going to get the better of me again."

This product is available directly from Lambe Enterprises for 30 dollars a bottle.

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