New Middle Aged Group Seen Dancing In Icy Waters Of Atlantic

New York, NY (PressExposure) December 07, 2007 -- People in their fifties and sixties plus were recently seen dancing and splashing around in the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean in a traditional ceremony repeated every year. The difference this year is that thanks in part to articles from a new blog, they were looking, feeling, and acting younger.

The New Middle Aged Group Blog is designed to help people in their fifties and sixties learn how to live longer, happier and healthier lives by finding the right better living programs including non surgical cosmetic treatments, satisfying work at home occupations, best care disease prevention options, and learning how to maximizing their financial resources.

The New Middle Aged Group Blog operates on the theory that the best is yet to come, and that as people live longer and happier lives they will be requiring a different social framework then they currently have available to them

Some scientists are forecasting people living to over one hundred and twenty in the not too distant future. The New Middle Aged are preparing to jump on the Longevity Express, but they want what they believe they are entitled to in the way of social and economic incentives based on the growing share of the nations wealth that they represent.

Members of the New Middle Aged Group are known to rely on their faith and spiritualism when faced with decisions of consequence. They rely on their instincts rather than trying to apply pure logic to situations, as their younger counterparts are prone to do. This is how they got to this juncture in their lives to begin with.

Contrary to current opinion, they have little need for brain games as some have suggested to keep their minds operating at capacity. They have in fact, a natural advantage over their younger counterparts because they grew up learning how to calculate a restaurant tip without a calculator or relying on speed dial to remember a friend or loved ones telephone number. Members of the New Middle Aged Group have the benefit of experience, which enables them to function at a high level using their own inborn capabilities rather than relying solely on technology.

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