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Reston, Virginia (PressExposure) February 20, 2012 -- As events in the Middle East continue to twist and turn in unpredictable directions, Current Events Blogs has recently begun publishing a new blog on current events in the region. The blog, entitled The Middle East and Iran and located at, aims to educate and inform readers on key events in the Middle East, ranging from a possible Israeli or US attack on Iran to the uprising in Syria.

JK Cohen, the blog's editor, noted that the blog would take as objective a view on events as possible, aiming to inform readers through a combination of commentary as well as links to outside articles well worth reading.

"The name of the blog is probably a bit misleading," stated Cohen, "as we are not in any way pushing for another war in the region or an attack on Iran. However, given the tensions - especially between the West and Iran - we felt that it was important to provide an objective source of information for Americans."

Cohen noted that while the initial focus was on Iran, the blog would also be providing information on the uprising in Syria against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad, as well as the continuing coverage of other events in the region.

"Most people do not realize how complex the Middle East truly is," noted Cohn, "as many in the United States are not aware of how the undercurrents of tribal and sectarian rivalries actually influence events within and between countries. For example, consider that many of the borders were randomly drawn by colonial powers Britain and France, meaning that nation states in the region are somewhat artificial in their borders and ethnic components."

Cohn further noted that one factor continuously underestimated is the extent to which the split between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam are frequently an underlying factor in the foreign policies of and relationships between nation states in the region.

Cohn added that comments on the blogs post were welcome, and that he was happy to receive suggestions or requests for link exchanges with other blogs focused on the Middle East.

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This Blog will examine the overall situation in the Middle East, particularly the possibility of a US or Israeli attack on Iran. Other geo-political issues such as the revolt in Syria will be examined as well.

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