New Mortgage Laws Will Calm Down Vancouver Real Estate Market

San Jose, California (PressExposure) March 09, 2011 -- The rising prices in the real estate market in Vancouver and across Canada will slowly return to normal over the course of 2011. This is a good time to stand back and wait, watch for falling prices, and then purchase the property. Vancouver has suffered from the high priced market but the property is still worth purchasing. The economy is rising with the Chinese help and the Chinese prevented total economic collapse of the Canadian markets. The stormy weather that is being experienced in the Vancouver real estate market will expire but not without some changes to buying and selling of real estate properties.

Vancouver in its greatest glory is hampered by the border, mountains and agricultural regions and hence the rise in prices. However, Vancouver offers prime real estate opportunities for the right investor. Will the investor see any immediate returns on their properties? The only returns that will be seen by the investor are the rent from condominiums or from the houses that have been rented. This does not mean that this is the only return; the market needs to suffer from the rising inflation and the slow rise of the economy. Once these two elements have gone through the growing spurt, the time to sell will present itself and the investor will see a nice return.

There will be a gradual increase for affordable housing once the real estate market is less fickle. The economy will boom and inflation will gobble disposable income of the residents. This will mean a boom in sales on a national level, even in the slowest markets. Consumers will be weary and cynical until prices come down and the interest rate inflation has been dealt with. Buyers will have to feel comfortable with the purchase price and the mortgage rate. Sellers on the other hand will eat out of the poorer pot with the declining prices but will ride out the storm out.

The next eleven months is unknown to what will eventually happen but until then, investors will need some attractive incentive to purchase property. Vancouver will see a small decline in general sales but the condominiums will bring in a decent cash flow. This is providing that the investors switch to a rent mode, instead of buyout and the properties can regain lost value in the long term. There are risks that must be taken by all sides in order to satisfy their needs but the question remains. Who will make the first move?

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