New NeverLate Online After Party Application Lets People Connect on Facebook

Miami, FL (PressExposure) July 07, 2011 -- A new Facebook online dating application is giving partygoers a second chance to connect with people they saw at a bar or nightclub, but didn't get an opportunity to meet.

Called NeverLate, the online after party app puts a high-tech spin on following up with people. It allows users to find someone they may have seen at a bar/club on Facebook, chat with them at the virtual bar, send virtual drinks and more. "This is a great solution for many people who are looking to meet new people who they already saw and (almost) shared an evening with at the same place," said Sean Ben-Shmuel, president of N.L. Corporation, the app's creator.

So exactly how does the online after party app work? The application contains a list with nightclubs and bars all over the world. All users need to do is search for the club they attended, connect to its page and see who is also connected to the same club. They can tag themselves in that club, so anyone who connects to that club in the next 48 hours will be able to find them and view their Facebook profile or send them a message.

Here's an example of how the Facebook online dating app can be used: Let's say someone went clubbing, saw a cute girl or guy, shared good eye contact-but never initiated a conversation. Then after they went home, they regretted not speaking to the person and wanted to see them again. Now with the new online after party app, they have a chance to get in touch with that person. "You just connect to NeverLate application on Facebook with your profile, find the club you went to and see if she/he is online or is tagged in the same club page," Ben-Shmuel explained. "Or you can just tag yourself, so the person can find you there in the next 48 hours."

The NeverLate online after party app is designed to make the experience of online dating more real and thrilling. It is also a great platform for club and bar owners to advertise their venue. Registered venues have a private zone in the online after party application with photos, a guest book and reviews, upcoming events, and other information about their establishment.

The development of the new Facebook app combines the popularity of online dating and Facebook with traditional clubbing. With Facebook having millions of users worldwide, the app has the potential to impact a broad audience of people who visit the site each day. The NeverLate Facebook app is effectively leveraging social media to bring people together in a unique and exciting way.

The NeverLate online after party app can be accessed at or by searching for "neverlate" on the Facebook app search. Club owners can register for the app for just $20 a month at []. For more information, please visit [] or contact Sean Ben-Shmuel directly at (305) 890-5289.

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