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Las Vegas, NV (PressExposure) April 08, 2009 -- Founders, Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski, internationally acknowledged relationship experts and husband and wife best-selling authors, have created a method for dating that surpasses anything we’ve see online anywhere.

And this dating site is free to its members. No charge whatsoever.

A totally free online dating site is extraordinary in itself. But is focused on what its founders call Smart Dating, understanding the simple principle that a date is an opportunity for two people to find out whether or not they have a basis to go forward.

"Anything else,"Sherven says,"usually turns out to be a mask one or both people wear when they're dating that is nothing more that false advertising."

"And that," Sniechowski follows, "is dangerous. It's emotionally dangerous and the cause of most of the heartbreak and heartache singles experience, and that can be physically dangerous as well."

And they speak from real authority. Married 21 years, Judith's first and Jim's third, they've experienced the dating scene through and through --- both the traditional dating and online dating. They've studied the way men and women go about dating and, through their psychotherapy practice and the many workshops they've led, all focused on romantic relationships, they've helped many of men and women overcome the frustration of online dating and the pain that dating brings to almost everybody. These two really know what they are talking about.

"You don't ever have to fail on a date. Not ever," Sniechowski says. "And we've shown men and women that every date can be a success no matter how it turns out."

"And the worst thing women can do," Sherven adds, "is turn to their friends for dating advice. We women know that what we get from our friends usually isn't very good, but we keep going back to them because there was nowhere else to turn. Well now there is. -- the online dating site for anyone who's interested in dating smart." is the only online dating site that features dating smart and that's what sets it apart from all the others.

"You can focus on harmony, or chemistry, or ethnicity," Sniechowki says, " but if you're not smart about dating those ideas will just take you down the same old path."

"And how do we know?" Sherven says. "Most people would rather not date, but it's the only way we have to meet each other. How sad that it causes so much pain."

Sherven and Sniechowski assure us that the pain of dating can become a thing of the past. And they offer free gifts --- a personal assessment and an eBook they've written on successful and fun dating. And there's no cost for any of it.

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Husband and wife psychology team Drs. Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski are the best selling authors of five relationship books and most recently opened the virtual doors to their Free Singles Site "LoveLife Express" ( [] ). As guest experts, they've been on over 1500 television and radio shows including Oprah, 48 Hours, CNN, Canada AM, The Daily Buzz, and The View.


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