New Online Income Service Forced To Split Shares 3-For-1 Just 3.5 Months After Launch

Eldersburg, MD (PressExposure) April 16, 2012 -- Lifestyle Publishing, creator of the Traffic Wave Money Maker System (a.k.a., TWMMS) is announcing a 3-for-1 share split due to overwhelming success after just 3 and a half months.

The Traffic Wave Money Maker System is a marketing co-op that helps people build their income with the popular Trafficwave autoresponder service. The autoresponder is arguably the most important marketing tool every organization doing business on the web MUST have. And through Lifestyle Publishing's TWMMS, new members of Trafficwave can automatically build a huge 5-figure monthly income while using the autoresponder to create additional streams of online income.

To protect members of the Traffic Wave Money Maker System from "performance dilution" as the co-op grows, Lifestyle Publishing implemented the new service with a fixed number of shares where the only way to grow the number of members is to split existing shares. Now, due to amazing success after the new service's launch on 1 January 2012, Lifestyle Publishing is implementing a 3-for-1 share split on Monday, 23 April 2012. This means shares held by all members as of that date will triple. This has already created a stir in the TWMMS membership with many members purchasing additional shares. If the upsurge from new and existing members continues prior to the split date, Lifestyle Publishing may be forced to proceed with a 4-for-1, or even a 5-for-1, split instead.

The Traffic Wave Money Maker System is unique within the Network Marketing community. Historically, the challenge for this industry has been helping your referrals (i.e., your "downline") build their downline. And that is exactly what the TWMMS does. It pools the monthly fees for large-scale paid marketing (both on the web and offline) to help build the downline of its members. The monthly fee per share is very reasonable (less than the Trafficwave service itself) compared to the target 5-figure monthly income, but to ensure exceptional value, the TWMMS also delivers free courses, tools, software, and lifetime Internet Marketing club memberships to its membership each month.

When you combine all this free training with the Traffic Wave Money Maker System downline building service and the power of the Trafficwave autoresponder itself (unlimited email campaigns and unlimited subscribers for a low fixed fee), you have a powerful formula for online success. "We already have several members fully qualified to receive all 10 levels of commissions provided by Trafficwave ... which offers $88,587/month when the complete matrix is filled," says Dr. Bryan Stoker, Founder & President of Lifestyle Publishing.

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You can learn more about autoresponders and the Traffic Wave Money Maker System by watching the free video at, or you can click this link and get a handful of free gifts including a free Business Evaluation Tool [] to help you assess any other business opportunity you may be considering.

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