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Stephenville, Texas (PressExposure) October 02, 2007 -- What do the likes of Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Ed Silvoso, Dorothy Sayers, Os Hillman, George Barna and many other Christian leaders have in common with periodicals such as Fortune Magazine, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal and many others? All agree that the Faith at Work movement is having an impact on America's marketplace.

Now, a new organization called "His Church @ Work" (HCAW) has many business people across the country raising an eye brow.

Is HCAW coming to YOUR town?


"His Church @ Work" (HCAW) is the brainchild of nondenominational Workplace Chaplain Mike Tummillo (rhymes with "pillow") of Stephenville, Texas. The Chaplain recently taught a workshop on Workplace Ministry at the 2007 National House2House Conference in Dallas, Texas at the Adam's Mark Hotel. With 4,000 Workplace Ministers now on the payrolls of some of America's largest companies, it is estimated that there could be 20,000 by decade's end. "I got the idea for HCAW after speaking to a group in San Antonio called the Christian Business Chamber of Commerce," he said. "Coupled with my five years as Marketing Director at an award-winning Chamber of Commerce, 25 years in the Dallas Advertising Industry as a Creative Director, and having served in ministry since 1990, the concept just flowed from my fingertip," he smiles, referring to the fact that he's a one-finger, 40 WPM typist.

"Apparently, God wants His Church to get to work," he quips.


HCAW consists of a monthly fellowship luncheon designed to benefit people in the workplace. Any individual from a stay-at-home mom to a retiree, a janitor to a ban President, can become a Community Facilitator (CF) for their own HCAW group.

These individuals (CFs) must express an interest directly to Chaplain Mike via eMail including their Name, Contact Information and Occupation. He will, in turn, eMail a Press Release and flyer which will enable the CFs to promote their own HCAW group. The CFs will, in turn, eMail the Press Release to the local media as well as to local friends and business associates in an effort to recruit Members.

Tummillo enthusiastically adds, "The Membership fee is a mere $24 annually - just $2 a month - but the CF as well as the FIRST TEN Members can join absolutely FREE FOREVER!"

Each CF will be responsible for securing a meeting place - whether it's a large house, church meeting room, restaurant, office conference room, break room. The CF will then contact a local Christian and request that they share a 20-25 minute testimony. "CF's will open with prayer, make introductions, keep the gatherings moving along. They only last about 45 minutes so that we can all return to work on time. We're Christians after all and should set the best example."

Tummillo invites all the CFs to join him on a monthly Conference Call for the sharing of ideas, experiences, training and prayer.


Tummillo contends that a worker is worthy of his hire. So, he believes that, as the CFs co-labor with him, all Membership fees will be divided 50-50 with him."They can give it away, bless somebody with it, buy Christmas gifts, whatever they like..."as a sort of Event Planner, the CF is deserving of that stipend," he said. The balance would, likewise, go to the support of his own ministry, t.e.a.m. ministries international.

Tummillo warns that, unlike the local Chamber of Commerce, Membership fees to HCAW are not tax-deductible. "However," he quickly adds, "Membership fees to "His Church at Work" are much less than most civic groups and require much less of a time commitment...not to mention the intangible benefits and networking opportunities with Christian brothers and sisters within this faith community."


Tummillo said, "If you're reading this now...and you've read all the way to the end of this are eligible to become a CF with the organization. You are encouraged to contact me and get this ball rolling in your area." He adds that individuals who work in factories for whom leaving the facility and traveling across town might be time-prohibitive are encouraged to start an HCAW group in their workplace. He stresses, "Make certain you do so prayerfully and with management approval."

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