New Range of Software Tools Reminds Users to Relive Back, Neck and Wrist Pain During Hours of Computer Use

Guildford, United Kingdom (PressExposure) August 03, 2009 -- Long hours sat in front of a computer can seriously damage a user's health. A new range of software tools from NEWBaRest can help the user recover by reminding him or her to take the regular breaks that their back, shoulders and wrists desperately need.

We are all so attuned to continuously sitting in front of our computers for work and play that we forget the most elementary lesson of physical fitness. We forget to ‘take a walk' which, for most of us, translates into taking breaks from sitting hunched up in front of a computer.

Most of us don't remember to take periodic breaks from the desk and the result is painful shoulder and back muscles, sore wrists and strained eyes. A new range of software tools from NEWBaRest has been especially designed to do just that - remind people to take breaks from the computer. The name itself has been carefully chosen to signify ‘neck, eyes, wrists and back rest'- all the body parts which take the maximum strain while working at the computer.

All the tools are functionally identical but they differ in subtle ways. There is a free version shows the user one browser window of adverts once a day, an appropriately named AdFree version, a corporate version that only allows the employer to set the break times and a version designed to help charity fund-raisers raise money. The tool itself is very easy to set up and use. The design of the page that appears during breaks is clear but, as the publishers say, users are not meant to sit there looking at it. Rather, the user is encouraged to walk away from his or her computer for the duration of the break.

The program starts by itself once it is installed and starts automatically every time Windows is started. An icon in the system tray shows break timings with minutes and seconds in different colors. The time and length of breaks are pre-set but can be easily changed on an ad-hoc basis. Breaks can be prematurely started or stopped if necessary. The “break” window opens as per at pre-set times and existing open windows are not affected.

NEWBaRest is certainly not a medical prevention or cure and nor does it pretend to be. It is simply a common sense way of acquiring a little help for timely reminders to take a break from computers in the interest of users' health.

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About Confident I.T. Solutions Ltd

The company was founded in 1997 and specialises in creating bespoke software for efficiency focussed small to medium sized companies. The NEWBaRest range of products came about as a direct result of its managing director suffering excruciating back pain caused by working long hours at a computer without taking the necessary breaks. Read his story on the NEWBaRest website.

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