New Scranton, PA Talk Radio Show Tackles Difficult Controversial Subjects Such As-What Would A Morman President Be Like

Scranton, PA (PressExposure) October 18, 2012 -- New Scranton, PA Talk Radio Show Tackles Difficult Controversial Subjects Such As-What Would A Morman President Be Like.

The "Dorothy & Dick" show, an exciting new broadcast talk show on WFTE FM, Scranton (105.7) and Mt Cobb (90.3) is attracting a lot of attention covering subjects others will not cover. The show airs Tuesdays at 11:30 AM and Saturdays at 9:00 AM. The station has a reach of 500,000 listeners.

This week they talked to Peter Levenda who is an expert on Mormonism, and author of "The Angel and the Sorcerer". The book covers the story of the occult origins of Mormonism and the rise of Mormons in current American politics. The book contains many shocking revelations about the Mormon religion. For some reason Mitt Romney has gotten a pass on his religious beliefs as to how it would affect his presidency should he win. This is a salient point since he is an ordained Bishop in the Church When John F. Kennedy ran for president he had to separate himself publicly from the Catholic religion. Many Christians do not in any way consider Romney to be one. Is the Church of Latter Day Saints a cult founded on the occult and mysticism? Much about the Church of Latter Day Saints according to the author resembles a cult put together by self proclaimed prophet Joseph Smith. He was an odd mystic who ran several questionable operations. Peter Levenda talks about how the founder Joseph Smith used mysticism, dowsing rods, a form of crystal gazing and various occult beliefs to create this religion.

Some of the controversial questions asked included,
What are the origins of Mormonism?
What do Mormons really believe?
Is it true evangelical other Christians do not accept Mormons as Christians? Why?
Why do they do baptize of the dead of other faiths without permission?
What is the connection between Mormons and divining rods?
How does occultism fit in with Mormon beliefs?
Do they believe in more than one God?
The story about "magic underwear" with mystic symbols that are worn at all times by all Mormons.
What is their connection with Free Masonry?
Why was self proclaimed prophet and founder John Smith assassinated?

Here is the link to his book on Amazon:

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Direct link to the archive of our local interview with Peter Levenda:

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