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Mohali, India (PressExposure) July 10, 2008 -- As a newbie, you may feel that the internet marketing world out there can be pretty daunting. You are not sure if you will ever make it. After all, you may have read somewhere that about 95% of newbies don’t make any money in their first six months in their internet home based business. You then wondered how many of them quit. You also wondered if you will follow their footsteps. But don’t lose hope as I am going to show you how you can not only survive as a newbie but make money online too.

Find a Mentor

It would help you greatly if you can find a mentor to help you get started. I have come across sponsors with refreshing ways in signing up new prospects to join their internet home based business, offering new ideas. They offered to be their personal coach with some sharing of profits arrangement, or pay for newbies’ cost of website upgrade to web2.0. Having a mentor in your initial phase of your internet home based business can be both rewarding as well as a real relief too and you should welcome such opportunities. Similarly you can be proactive too in the search for your mentor. A good idea is to join and surf a few good traffic exchanges so as to get more options for such offers or sign up for free newsletters too to read up on what some successful work at home businesses have to offer newbies.

Before You Write Your First Article

You may have found out the benefits of writing good content articles and especially if you have an interest in writing, you may be very eager to get started on your very first article for your home business. But don’t, not just yet anyway. Do not start writing your first article for your internet home based business until you learn about keyword optimization.

When you write an article, it is very important to pay attention to the keywords on-demand in your niche. In article marketing, the SEO aspect is very important. You have to optimize your articles with the correct keywords if you want to get higher search engine placements.

Get a Proper Blog

I really recommend that you spend a little money to install wordpress blog on your own site. It has the best available plugins making the most of your new blog, with search engine optimized from the start. It also gives you plugins that optimize each new post and a lot more features. I am not trying to sell you any blog installation service, but just sharing my good experience I had with wordpress after migrating from blogger. I have also received many backlinks too, not only from my blog posts, but blog tags as well. As a newbie, trying to absorb so much information about building your business can be quite overwhelming. So getting a great blog started can only make things a little easier for your internet home based business.

Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization

You can take my word for it that before you start to make a decent amount of money from your business; you need to first learn at least the basics of search engine optimization. I know that these words look intimidating to you and you probably want to put it away and start focusing on your internet home based business. But before you do that, one way to convince you is this. As a newbie, you will be interested to get familiar with your new website and start to add lots of information, banners, images, even write a killer feature on the homepage about your business. But do you know that by just blindly adding more text alone without consideration for additional keywords into your webpage, dilutes your keyword density on your main page. Or did you know that there is an ideal maximum number of words your homepage should have if you want to maintain a good level of keyword density for best search engine optimization?

Understanding the basics of SEO starts now for your new internet home based business. Do not ignore this to focus only on the money making aspect of you business. As a newbie, you should read lots of articles on SEO from article directories, SEO forums, SEO blogs and start to apply what you have learned on your website, like some simple on-page optimization factors. They are not hard to learn and easy to apply immediately on your website.

Have Patience

The fifth secret I am sharing with you is patience. Do not expect to make money overnight. It does take some time to build a real legitimate business, especially if you do not have any prior business or marketing experience. Many people who failed their business often belong to this category. They look for short term gains rather than long term stability and do not follow a marketing plan to build a strong and reputable internet home based business.

To summarize this article, starting a home business is simple. To grow and build up this business takes time and effort and you have to invest your time to learn from mentors and other experts in the areas of SEO if you want to succeed your home business. Focus on keyword optimization both in article marketing and your website and install a good blog and don’t forget to have fun doing all this work for your internet home based business. Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips and hints, points to ponder and keep in mind, techniques, and insights pertaining to Google AdSense, do please browse for more information at our websites.


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