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Phayathai, Bangkok, London, Uk Thailand (PressExposure) May 25, 2007 -- Organizing Professional Nathan Shaw has added a strange new dimension to the practical groundbreaking website on organized living. The new department called Mind Power & Control Secrets will explore the psychological aspects of how we go about trying to make sense of our cluttered world and use the personal organization solutions that are widely available. Still something seems missing. And that is the mind power and control secrets.

Organized Living World was launched on 16th March and in only 2 months has become a popular visited web site for organizing all areas of life. Covering tips on how to get organized in the here and now right through to the bigger picture of how to organize our entire life and time. Nathan has identified what he calls 5 stages of organized living. The 5th stage being how we use our mind to make good choices or bad and lazy choices with our life.

Nathan said, “Often people start off trying to get clear in their head. Personal development sel-help type stuff. In reality, this puts the person into great struggle because the other side of the coin is missed out. I.e. Actually being organized.”. He added “Through the first 4 stages of organized living my readers learn the practical details of how to organize and what to organize. And only after that groundwork do I recommend looking directly at a person’s procrastination, laziness, lack of clarity, etc. And that’s why mind power control is the 5th not 1st stage of organized living.”

The original 5 categories of Organized Living World were: 1. How To Organize. 2. Organize Your Life. 3. Organized Living Stores. 4. Personal Productivity Software. And 5. Time Management Systems. The two new categories are Mind Power and Control Secrets, and Web 3.0 Efficiency.

Nathan predicts the start of a new era in society based on efficiency. And the latest evolution of Web 3.0 technologies as the greatest indicator that the Efficiency Era has arrived.

Nathan continues to receive glowing testimonials and raving fan mail and is passionate to push forward the site for Organized Living and this shift towards world and personal efficiency.

"..'Celestine Prophecy'.. 'A Course in Miracles'. May I say yours ranks well up there with them. My hats off to you. Keep on keeping people thinking." - Dr. Ron MacIntyr

"Your principles and techniques go very well along with Napoleon Hill's and complete them... I'm following it to the letter." - Israel David

"I am extremely organized right now. I am in the present moment, handling my short-term goals and all activities are in line with my long-term life direction. Thanks to you, this is the most exhilarating time in my life." – Barbara Nwosu, Detroit MI

Available in the new Mind Power and Control Secrets section is a feature release titled 9 Secret Principles Handbook which Nathan believes has been missing from all personal growth material including the latest craze The Secret.

About Organized Living World:

The new Mind Power Control Secrets section of Organized Living World is available at [].

About Nathan Shaw:

Nathan Shaw is a Professional Organizer and Efficiency Trainer based in the South East of the UK. A decade of obsession with being organized has led him to be highly sought after and respected for matters of personal organization. The Mind Power Secrets can be found at [] and the 9 Secret Principles Handbook at [].


The new Mind Power Control Secrets section of Organized Living World is available at [].

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