New Self Help Book Teaches Readers About Success and Joyful Manifestation

Fremont, California (PressExposure) July 10, 2012 -- As you change your focus, what you focus on also changes. While 'abundance consciousness' manifests as abundance in your physical life, 'lack consciousness' manifests as physical lack in your world. This lack manifests again and again until you make a conscious change. Since suffering or sadness gets physically manifested as lack, all manifestation--both conscious and unconscious--should come from the space of love, joy, and confidence. As you become more conscious of abundance, you will learn to be situated in joy more often, and this joy in turn manifests more abundance. It's like depositing a sum of money in a CD and watching it grow while collecting interest, or like planting seeds and eating the fruits born by the trees that come out of those seeds. The fruits that you get depend on some factors like:

1. The seeds you plant,
2. The water and sunlight the plant/tree receives,
3. The health of the ground,
4. Your patience and care.

Once you plant the seeds of your life in joy, they will grow into joyful events. Even if undesired situations happen, you can use the techniques of Joyful Manifestation to get back into a successful space. When you know that you are the Source of it all, you become self-empowered, feel joy more consistently, and are able to manifest abundance, because when you hit the vibration of joy with respect to any life area, it returns joy back to you.

Your single-minded determination to allow joy to be your guiding star is what gets you to where you want to go.

All your experiences, likes, and dislikes have brought you to where you are now. Your Self wants you to align with your true nature, which is joy, and have your desires fulfilled from that space. Joyful Manifestation will show you how, with its detailed, ten-step process that easily guides you to that special place where what you want finally becomes yours to enjoy. Your journey of Joyful Manifestation begins now.


Success follows certain people because they understand how to work with the universe. You too can become part of this select group of people because Joyful Manifestation contains the deep knowledge of the masters that unlocks the doors to success.

This knowledge is presented to you in a way that will help you change your life. The magic begins even as you turn the first page, because as you read, your consciousness changes and gets ready to attract what it really wants.

About the author : Sugandhi Iyer has spent many years researching how to get people to be happy and successful in their lives. She has studied many courses, read books, and spent time in contemplation in the process of developing herself to become the perfect tool to bring out a book that combines old and new information from the East and the West. She is a success coach, currently living in California, helping people change their lives. More information about Sugandhi can be found on

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