New Series Of Brain Entrainment Products Offers Business Owners Chance At Big Profits

Plessisville, Canada (PressExposure) January 06, 2009 -- Business owners who specialize in the competitive self-help field are always looking to gain that edge on their competition - without having to spend a fortune or sell products that everyone else is selling.

That’s especially true in our shrinking economy, when it’s more important than ever to invest business dollars in useful, compelling, products that provide an immediate return on investment.

That’s why lifestyle coach and Brainwave Entrainment expert Alexandre Valois designed his new Mindfortunes products, which are available at, and is making them available to business owners seeking to expand their bottom line.

For those not familiar with Brain Entrainment, it is a scientifically proven technology which helps individuals to achieve their full potential, allowing them to learn faster, stop smoking, lose weight, and make other positive changes in their lives.

Mindfortunes members can sell these audio recordings to their customers as their own branded products, and Valois is only accepting a limited number of members to ensure that the field does not become over-saturated.

“Unlike the controversial ‘subliminal technology’, Brainwave Entrainment principles have already been approved by and backed by a number of authoritative and independent scientific studies,” according to Valois. “The question here is not so much ‘Does this stuff really work?’, but rather, ‘Where does its potential end?’ And we’re still finding new potential uses for it every day.”

However, Valois didn’t want to simply deliver Brainwave Entrainment products to business owners and leave them on their own to figure out how to promote them.

For members of Valois’ new Mindfortunes’ program, Valois and his team will provide, every month, a complete package which includes brain-waive entraining audio products, website graphics, a list of fully-researched keywords, a sales page and an email series which will have customers eager to buy.

The Brain Entrainment audios can be used to benefit customers in virtually any field.

“Already it has made it’s way in some forms of traditional and alternative medicine - as an anesthetic or for pain and stress relief - by hypnotherapists to enhance their sessions, even by athletes and day traders, who are often on the very edge of new technologies, looking for new ways to push their limits and improve their results,” Valois said.

Although Valois is only 23 years old, he has more experience than many Lifestyle coaches who are much older than him - 13 years of experience, to be exact!

“I became a Reiki (spiritual healing) practitioner at the age of 11. My training in this field being my Birthday gift from my parents that year – after my own insisting requests,” Valois said.

“My mother was an homeopathy student and used to work in a natural remedies/new age store when I was growing up, so I would never lack new material to study and fuel my passion for self-help topics and alternative medicines. During high school I became more interested in studying psychology and social dynamics, as well as the roots of shamanism, which lead me to deepen my studies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, and eventually, brainwave entrainment technologies (which could be traced back to shamanic trances and drumming sessions).”

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