New Site Reveals Red Eye Flights Now Not The Best Way To Get Cheap Flights

Worcester, MA (PressExposure) January 03, 2012 -- January 3, 2012, USA - Website owner Tony Morrision has launched a new website aimed at giving travellers the best advice and tips when it comes to airline travel, especially those who are used to flying on red eye flights. Mr. Morrison is a previous employee of a major airline, and he says, "I was a hard-working travel agent for 16 years at a major airline corporation.....Until they decided to unjustly fire me one morning over an absurdly bogus excuse! Here's my way of saying "no thank you" when they tried to offer me a new contract earlier this year. With my extensive insider knowledge, I'm bringing forth this mind-blowing guide on how you can exploit the travel system right now and begin flying on demand around the world with any airline at a miniscule fraction of the regular costs you're used to coughing up!" Red Eye Flights will never be the same.

At first glance, it may seem that the website is strictly the workings of a disgruntled employee; however, the guide that he has put together does have extensive tips and guidelines on how to save money on airfare, and these tips will work with virtually every airline company. Red eye flights may just become a thing of the past.

Red eye flights are so named because they typically depart late at night and arrive early in the morning. Red eye flights have been extremely popular in the past because they are normally cheaper than flights that travel throughout the late morning and afternoon.

Saving money is not the only thing to be learned from this guide. There is also information about the food that is served on flights, how to get free upgrades on hotel and car rentals, when to start planning for a trip, how to pack for your holiday and how airlines are stealing millions of dollars out of travellers' pockets. The website promises that after reading this comprehensive guide, you'll never look at airlines the same way again. You won't need to book red eye flights to get the best deals either.

With the strained economy these days,less people are travelling becasue of the high cost of airfare, (even red eye flights are expensive.) This guide promises to be a welcome solution. Families and those with young children often cringed at the thought of red eye flights because of the times involved. Now, red eye flights don't have to be something that's dreaded.

Says one satisfied customer, "We've just returned from our 8-day vacation trip to Hawaii. Following the instructions in your guide, I was able to get the airlines to sell me the flight package for under $20. My wife and I were thrilled with the arrangements and accommodations. Can't wait to try this again!" These customers are not likely to book red eye flights ever again.

Many people seem to be trading in their red eye flights tickets for the "Save on Airfare Secrets" guide. It can be purchased for $24.95, with free bonuses added, such as a Cruise Travel Secrets Manual, Car Rental Secrets Manual and more.

The website also provides free advice, such as how to upgrade to business class, the best time to book a flight, how the airlines and travel sites arrive at their prices and much more. For anyone who has ever booked red eye flights, they are sure to appreciate this new information. Extensive information on red eye flights is also covered, including advantages of red eye flights. Some veteran travelers actually prefer red eye flights.

Mr. Morrison's mission is to re-invent the airline industry and give people access to information that was only available to insiders in the travel and airline industry. In the past, red eye flights were one of the only ways for travellers to save money; now, they have an arsenal of resources available.

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Thanks to Mr. Morrison and his guide, "Save on AirFare Secrets," red eye flights may just be grounded for good. In fact, without the information on the guide you may be paying more for red eye flights than you can get a normal flight for.

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