New Software simplifies making MySQL Databases accessible via Web or Intranet

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 24, 2012 -- New Software simplifies making MySQL Databases accessible via Web or Intranet

Giving end-users the facility to view and update data in a MySQL Database over the web traditionally meant writing, testing and debugging lots of code - typically a time consuming process. However City Business Logic claim that their Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro software with minimal user input can create a fully-fledged Ajax enabled CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) "on steroids" Web Application which can also be used as the starting point of a larger application.

There are of course many PHP code generators on the market but the publishers believe that their time saving auto-detection features, object oriented-code and extensible framework and features such as desktop-like resizable data grids, and extensive filtering options make theirs stand out from the crowd.

CEO John W. King explained "Supposing you have a film table which links to a directors table. If you have to manually select the lookup table, the connected fields and the display field then it starts to negate the time saving benefits of a code generator, particularly if you are dealing with a large database with hundreds of links. We studied hundreds of real world databases to develop an algorithm which can usually automatically detect all the lookup settings even if you haven't set up foreign keys. It even does some artificial intelligence to clean up the label so that it shows Director instead of Director_ID for example. We have produced a video that demonstrates creating a Web Application for the MySQL Sakila demo database in less than a minute".

Instead of using an established framework they decided to develop their own open-source Apeel Framework. When asked why, John W. King responded "We looked at all the established frameworks but we wanted one without a steep learning curve, that was easy to break-out of and didn't try to hide the power of SQL by forcing you to use some middleware. Since we couldn't find one that ticked all our boxes we decided to write our own framework using the MVC (Model View Controller) Design Pattern, and using established open-source libraries to do the heavy lifting to ensure reliability and that skills learned via the Apeel Framework were transferrable to non-Apeel projects."

City Business Logic is a small business established in 2001 and specialise in the development of cutting edge Web Application Code Generators. Their current product is Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro which is now in its 11th version.

Contact: John W. King, CEO City Business Logic

About PHP Code Generator (CBL)

City Business Logic has been developing Web Application Code Generators since 2001. Our first product ASP Web Application Builder was written to address our own requirement for a quick way to create back-end maintenance modules and content management facilities for our clients websites.

Over the years we added support for PHP and later ASP.Net C#/VB, however in our latest product we have decided to focus firmly on the popular PHP / MySQL combination thus providing the best possible solution rather than fragment our efforts to support a wider variety of languages and databases.

Earlier incarnations repeated code for each table in a database, the latest version uses our Apeel Open Source Framework to provide all the core code, meanwhile the generator creates the classes for data and form handling and form templates etc.

We are dedicated to creating the best PHP Code Generator available by constantly striving to add new ingenious ideas.

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