New Subscription Options Added to Online CLEP Test Preparation System

Oakland, TN (PressExposure) August 06, 2009 -- SpeedyPrep, LLC announced today that a new subscription option is now available on the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) test preparation website This innovative web-based company focuses on providing current and future college students with online study courses for CLEP tests, examinations designed to evaluate students’ college level proficiency in subjects such as business, history and social sciences, and literature and composition. Many students are able to use CLEP exams as a way to skip introductory level courses, quickly move on to degree specific coursework, and even graduate sooner. With over 2,900 colleges and universities accepting CLEP as a way for students to earn credit toward their degree, many students are able to take advantage of the numerous time and cost saving benefits of CLEP exams.

SpeedyPrep’s services provide students who want to take CLEP exams, but possess little or no knowledge of a subject, with convenient, reasonably prices, and highly effective online study courses to learn the material they need to know to pass their CLEP exams. Customers now have the option of a six month, non-renewing subscription to SpeedyPrep for $79.95. This new subscription option is one of two billing options available. The other option is an auto-renewing subscription that costs $9.95 for the first month and $23.95 for each subsequent month.

The monthly membership option appeals to several types of subscribers. Customers who only need to prepare for one CLEP test may find that they are able to study for and take their CLEP test within the first month. Other customers may wish to join, study for their CLEP test during the discounted first month, and then determine whether or not the studying format is compatible with their learning needs and style. SpeedyPrep does not require that subscribers enter into a contract or remain a subscriber for a specific number of months; subscribers are able to cancel their subscription without penalty at any time via a convenient web form.

SpeedyPrep developed the new six month subscription option based on feedback from subscribers who wished to use the company’s CLEP test prep services for several months but stated that they preferred a non-renewing subscription option. The new six month subscription option offers over 40% savings over monthly subscriptions. The cost savings make this subscription option attractive to customers who wish to use SpeedyPrep’s CLEP test prep services to study for multiple CLEP exams. In addition, customers who select the six month option do not have to worry about canceling their subscription when they have completed studying for their CLEP exams.

SpeedyPrep’s subscribers include homeschooled students, military personnel, working adults, stay-at-home moms, adult learners, and traditional college students. With the current tough economic conditions, individuals of all ages and from all walks of life are looking for ways to cut their expenses as they work toward their college degree. Often, individuals have work, family, and community obligations at the same time that they are pursuing an undergraduate degree. Balancing and managing these obligations can be challenging, time consuming, and costly. CLEP exams are a unique, affordable, and time-saving way to earn college credits. With each exam costing less than $100 to take, students can use CLEP exams to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in tuition expenses. SpeedyPrep recommends that potential subscribers and any persons interested in CLEP tests to first contact their college or university academic advisor for more information on how they can use CLEP to earn college credits. With either the monthly or the six month subscription options, subscribers will find that they, too, can use SpeedyPrep to quickly and affordably prepare for their CLEP exams.

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SpeedyPrep, LLC is a web-based company offering online study courses through the website to help current and future college students of all ages to prepare for CLEP exams.

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