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Portland, OR (PressExposure) March 16, 2011 -- Being a vegetarian is more than just a diet - it's a lifestyle. We may not be conscious of it, but we structure much of our lives around food. One of America's greatest pastimes is dining out - we can eat great food and enjoy the company of others. Being a vegetarian means you have having a different relationship with food than those who follow the more traditional, omnivorous diet. As an extension, vegetarians also change their relationships with the people around them. - a new website - provides over 100 articles on all things vegetarian, including articles on lifestyle, health and nutrition, and sustainability, among others. states that it's "The Total Vegetarian Resource", and it seems to do just that.

Healthy Vegetarian Diet
The vegetarian foods we choose to eat has a huge impact on our overall health. Abstaining from the calorically dense meats that that we have to compensate with other vegetarian friendly foods. Falling into a nutritional rut can be easy, but with a little knowledge and know-how, it's simple to get all the nutrients you need to be healthy and have more energy. In fact, cites studies showing that vegetarians, on average, are far and away healthier than those who eat meat. goes a step further, addressing other nutritional pitfalls such as protein and iron. There's also an amazingly in-depth section on individual fruits and vegetables, highlighting their nutritional strengths, while also providing tips on preparation, storage, and selection.

Vegetarian Lifestyle
Being a vegetarian in a meat-centric food culture can be trying at times. Most Americans eat meat daily, and often incorporate it into every meal. What happens, then, when you have to host a dinner party for meat eaters? How do you deal with a child who is interested in following a vegan or vegetarian diet? These are questions that addresses in its vegetarian lifestyle section, providing useful tips on navigating our relationships in this food culture.

Sustainability and the Vegetarian Diet
Our planet is in a lot of trouble right now, and it's letting us know. Natural disasters seem to be happening more often and with greater force, our waterways are becoming more polluted by the day, we're losing topsoil at an alarming rate, and climate change is not only on the way, but has arrived. The vegetarian diet is one way of taking a conscious step in the direction of a more sustainable lifestyle, and provides a whole section of useful tips on the why's and how's of vegetarian sustainability. informs vegetarians on how to become greener, describing Community Supported Agriculture, organic, and local foods at length with easy to follow tips. has a lot to offer vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. With tips and information spanning the whole spectrum of the vegetarian diet, one can spend hours mulling over all the wonderful things this site has to offer.


Check out for lots of useful tips and information on the vegetarian diet. Don't forget to check out all the delicious vegetarian recipes!

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