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Hobart, Washington (PressExposure) December 03, 2009 -- Bottom Freezer Refrigerators has just released a new website that is all about getting Bottom Freezer Refrigerators. This website will allow free information to be shared to all members and non members alike. This website gives the most up to date information on all of the Freezer Refrigerator options available. The main information page on the Bottom Freezer Refrigerators website can be viewed for free at: []

Here is an excerpt from the new Bottom Freezer Refrigerators webpage:

"Years ago a Refrigerator was an everyday appliance that everyone had to have, it came in maybe 3 colors and generally one style. That style was a freezer with a door that took up about one third of the refrigerator. The other two thirds of the fridge that sat bellow the freezer was the refrigerator. Today when you walk in a store looking for a fridge, you will find hundreds of colors, styles, and extra add on features like TV’s on the doors, programmable humidity settings, and even fronts for refrigerators that are made to blend in to your cabinetry.

One of the most popular refrigerators today is what people are calling a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. When you think about how the general public uses their refrigerator in a day, most people will utilize the refrigerator about ninety percent of the time and the freezer around ten percent of the time. The major refrigerator companies finally figured this out and created a refrigerator that was designed to keep the refrigerator section at the most convenient level, the top two thirds of the refrigerator, and the freezer at the bottom one third of the refrigerator. The theory is that the average user will not have to be bending as much as they use their fridge now that the freezer is located on the bottom instead of the top. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators have taken off and are becoming more and more popular as people realize the modern convenience factor that comes with bottom freezer refrigerators."

There is plenty of more information on the new Bottom Freezer Refrigerators website that can be found by visiting: []. Users should check back often as this website will be a blog that will post all of the most up to date information along with user comments and questions. It is a great resource for all who are thinking about a Bottom Freezer Refrigerators. Visit the newly released webpage at: []

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