New Weight Loss Software Released - Just In Time For New Years Resolutions

Westchester, California (PressExposure) December 30, 2008 -- announces the release of its new Automated Weight Loss Advisor software. Anyone whose New Years resolutions include losing weight will benefit from this free program. The Advisor asks a few simple questions and then calculates how many calories per day a person should eat in order to reach his or her target weight on schedule, plus additional useful information.

According to Steve Diamond, owner of and creator of the Automated Weight Loss Advisor, the software combines and expands on previous weight loss calculators. "It's easy to find a calculator that will tell you your BMI (Body Mass Index) or your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), or even your total daily metabolism." says Diamond. "But most of them stop right there. They don't really give you information you can use in your diet program."

The Automated Weight Loss Advisor does more. According to Diamond, the Advisor accounts for each person's goals and preferences, making recommendations based on the answers to a few simple questions.

The Advisor recommends a target weight range, but it lets each individual choose his or her own target weight. Then it calculates the recommended daily calories for the person to reach their target on the schedule they specify. This information is vital for any dieter, according to Diamond, because it helps to set realistic expectations. "If you want to lose two pounds a week but are only willing to eat 400 calories less than you burn each day, it just isn't going to work," says Diamond. "You need to know that before you design your diet plan, otherwise you'll only end up disappointed and frustrated."

Diamond says that he wrote the Advisor because he wanted a realistic diet plan for himself and couldn't find any calculator that was sufficiently informative and easy to use at any price. So he wrote his own. He has used it and has compared his weight loss progress to the Advisor's predictions. They match within 20 percent.

The Advisor allows for "what if" scenarios. A person can change their answers about target weight, timeframe, and activity level, and the Advisor will recalculate the results.

Diamond says that the Advisor also gives recommendations about which diet plans are most likely to suit each person. It asks about preferences such as packaged food vs. store-bought, pre-defined menus vs. do-it-yourself, and the importance of online communities and coaching. Combining these preferences with each individual's.

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