New Weight Loss Tool Answers the Question - "How Fast Can I Lose Weight?"

San Diego, California (PressExposure) January 15, 2008 -- San Diego-based do-it-yourself beauty makeover firm, Noixia, has finally enabled consumers to quickly answer the question, “How long will it take me to lose weight?” Noixia created a free online weight loss tool, that asks the user five straightforward questions about her eating and exercise habits. Then based on the user’s responses to those five questions, the program will tell her how many days it will take to lose however many pounds she wishes to drop.

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Weight Loss Tool, as the program is called, helps consumers feel more empowered about losing weight, says company president Nicole Dial, “Because the estimation of weight loss is based on what a person is willing and able to do, not what they should do to lose weight.”

The proven formula for losing weight is simple— exercise more, and eat less. But, according to Dial, “Putting this basic equation into practice is easier said than done, and I from what I’ve seen, people truly do not believe that losing weight is a simple matter of just cutting back on food and getting fit.”

Noixia hopes that the free DIY Weight Loss Tool will help consumers take a fresh, and a more self-reliant look at the whole dieting process.

To appreciate how weight loss works, explains Dial, “You at least need some facts like how many calories you consume and how many calories you burn”. Yet for many consumers, these numbers are whimsical, not realistic.

For instance, clinical studies have demonstrated that people can grossly underestimate their calorie consumption and overestimate how many calories they burn with exercise. Not surprisingly, it is this kind of numerical miscalculations that can leave consumers screeching, “Diets don’t work!”

To add to the importance of psychology and perception in weight loss, Dial explains that, “It is a known fact that people will endure (if you will) painful or new experiences longer if they simply know exactly how long this strange, or frightful experience will last.”

Dial predicts that giving people an exact day by which they can lose weight based on the lifestyle changes that they are comfortable with, will make attaining their weight loss goals more likely. Moreover, since the program is based on what a person is comfortable doing with respect to weight loss, it will help users keep weight off for the long term.

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