New Worries about Kids with Cellular Phones

Hong Kong, China (PressExposure) September 01, 2009 -- Cellular phones, handy gadgets for daily communication, have much more influence on our next generation than the old corded phones on us. According to a senior analyst for consumer research at the Yankee Group, approximate half of American children, aging 12 years old +, have their mobile phones. The number of parents, who intend to buy children cell phones, is continuously increasing.

Widely offered by retail/ wholesale cell phones [], wholesale electronics [] dropshippers, low-priced mobile phones are more accessible than ever. As we all know, cell phones are not green products. Frequent adult mobile phone users have higher risk of getting malignant gliomas, acoustic neuromas and tumor than the infrequent, let alone kids. But cell phones hazard seems far beyond that and is still deteriorating.

Mobile phones' swift popularization and improving functionality also bring some unheard-of side effects. New worries about kids with cellular phones arose more and more attention of parents.

Inappropriate downloads. Modern cellular phones are always made with amazing new functions, and download functions are the one of the most favorite functions of our children. Over-download might easily cause dysfunctions of cell phones or make their phones easily invaded by cell phone viruses - that couldn't form a big issue for our children's normal lives. But if our children download some unhealthy content from internet, they might produce negative attitude toward society and their future lives.

Sexting. Sexting, a portmanteau of sex and texting, refers to the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos from cell phones to cell phones. Just like inappropriate downloads, it would cause a terrible impact on our children's attitude toward their lives and society.

Increasing unknown fees. Children are easily attracted by "FREE" trial services, like joke-a-day and brain riddles. Actually, they're not zero-charged. Once our kids use it, they will be charged. These services are hardly to get rid of. And the growing number of third-party cell phone service providers, most of them are "eloquent" and very good at "persuading", often makes an adult unable to distinguish the "real" and the "scam", let alone our children. Plus, some shoddy cell phones are made with hidden fees, making parents unable to realize in time

What tactics should parents adopt to handle the above questions? Besides purchasing from formal wholesale cell phones [] retail sellers, probably the best thing they could do is to educate their kids, educate and educate. Stipulate some rules to let them behave themselves, like when to turn off mobile phones, use landline while they are at home. Banning kids from using cell phones is unwise, as cell phones allow for closer relationship and contact between parents and their loved.

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