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Destin, Florida (PressExposure) February 03, 2011 -- Of course people can tell if they are carrying those extra pounds. Maybe it's difficult to fit into their favorite jeans or slacks. Maybe bending over to put on socks takes a lot more effort than it once did. Still, in the back of their heads, many people deny they have a weight problem. On the other hand, many people who do recognize they have a weight problem lack a clear and effective plan to achieving their weight loss goals.

Beyond just weighing on a conventional scale, Stephan Karian, author of Anti-Aging and You, suggests four easy ways to "do the math" and let the numbers do the talking.

1) Waist Measurement: Waist measurement is important. As research shows that extra abdominal fat is a risk factor for heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and more. Very simply, women with a waist measurement of 35 inches or more or men with a waist measurement of 40 inches or more indicate excess abdominal fat, which would put them at a greater risk of disease.

2) Hips/Ration Method: There's also the basic waist to hip ratio method. If an individual's waist measurement exceeds that of their hips, then they are considered to be overweight.

3) Body Fat %: The acceptable range for body fat percentages for the male is between 13% and 18%, and for the female it's between 17% and 26%. A body fat analyzer scale can calculate your weight and body fat percentage by sending a light and harmless electrical pulse through the body.

4) Body Mass Index: One of the most popular methods professionals determine if an individual is overweight is to measure the relationship of weight to height. This is called Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is the standard medical method of assessing healthy weight, over weight and obesity.

Determining if an individual is overweight is not enough to achieving the long eluded goal of many to finally achieving their weight loss resolution. This is half the battle. To achieve a slender figure, a simple to follow - but effective - plan needs to be followed. Many people follow a plan that flat out doesn't work. Stephan Karian clears up all the misnomers and provides a simple but effective plan that works - and work well.

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