New York Lead Abatement Corporation Completes Renovation and Construction Project on a Six Family Building in New York

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PressExposure) January 16, 2012 -- New York Lead Abatement is a full-service building contractor and general contractor, specializing in both residential construction and commercial construction. With over 20 years' experience in the construction industry, and pride themselves in unparalleled quality and service.

Throughout the last few months New York Lead has completed a vast array of projects in the New York area and has shown why Lead Abatement can be so crucial in large cities. The combination of Lead Hazard Screening along with Lead Based Paint Inspection allows New York Lead to assess potential problems and removes lead before it becomes a problem.

Lead Based Paint Inspection is basically a surface by surface inspection of each component (walls, doors, floors, windows, trim, siding etc.) in the home. This inspection is usually performed with an XRF (X Ray Fluorescence) device because of the need to test the multiple combinations of color paints and varnishes on different substrate materials. Paint chips may be taken instead of using an XRF device or to supplement other readings. The inspection report includes the location and qualitative results of each test.

Lead Hazard Screening is an inspection which includes a visual inspection for deteriorated paint, with testing by chip sample analysis of each deteriorated area, and a minimum of two dust samples for lab analysis. This is a precursor test to determine the need for another more detailed inspection if lead based paint or lead dust hazard is found.

New York Lead Abatement is a company devoted to lead abatement in a safe and proficient manner. All of their supervisors and workers are OSHA and EPA trained and certified. New York Lead is approved by the DOH, HPD and DOB for the complete process of lead abatement. Licensed and certified in the state of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Recently Completed Projects by New York Lead Abatement Corporation:

July of 2011 - New York Lead Abatement Corporation completed a fire escape project in Queens New York.

August of 2011 - New York Lead Abatement Corporation completed a lead abatement project on a 26 unit building.

October of 2011 - New York Lead Abatement Corporation completed a fire escape project in New York City.

In January of 2012 - New York Lead Abatement Corporation completed renovation and construction on a six family building. This included a new stairwell, entry doors, interior doors, new bathroom, new kitchen, windows, flooring, and electricity.

While on a day to day basis, New York Lead Abatement Corporation has been completing and working on DOH and HPD violations consistently.

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N.Y. Lead Abatement Corp. has been in business for many years providing the services needed to understand, inspect, abate, and clear all aspects of lead paint hazards. Our goal is to provide a clean and hazard free environment for healthier living. In addition we provide full service construction needs, as well as mold and asbestos abatement.

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