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Cedar Vale, Queensland Australia (PressExposure) February 04, 2007 -- Debra Lohrere Aims to Satisfy the Shortfall in Books on Christian Investment that are Applicable to the Australian Property Market and Taxation System.

Many people outside the church view Christianity and wealth creation as an anachronism. Debra Lohrere shows that on the contrary the Biblical principle of stewardship is in fact the action of increasing what the Lord has provided to sow it back into good works, both to help those in need and to fund outreach missions.

Money management is an issue that is important to everyone. We all need to learn how to take control of our finances, and ensure that we don't spend more than we earn and rack up out of control credit card debt. The new book "Christian Investing and Money Management" demonstrates how to effectively budget, set goals, take control of your finances and begin a wealth creation pattern, utilising the power of property investment and compounding interest.

It has been estimated that over 95% of the world's millionaires have made their money through investing in property and the best way to become financially independent is to find someone who is and copy what they have done. Eight years of research and development went into the writing of this book. Debra Lohrere interviewed several hundred successful and novice property investors and found out first hand what had worked for them and what had not. She was able to ascertain how various investors decided on the best criteria that a property should have to make it both easy to rent and have the best chance of substantial capital growth.

Debra found that the common thread was to become well informed and learn how to research the property market. Many investors had read over 30 books on investing as well as autobiographies of successful people.

"Christian Investing and Money Management" explains how Negative, Neutral and Positive gearing work - and why gearing is such a valuable tool, which will enable you to build up a wealth base in accelerated time, compared to if you only invested your own hard earned dollars.

In Australia and many other countries less than 5% of the population reach retirement able to support themselves without government or family assistance. We should all be not only be planning for our future, so that we will not be a burden to anyone when we retire, but also need to be taking a proactive approach to creating wealth to sow back into helping the less fortunate in our community.

Although this books relates to the Australian property market, the principles are applicable internationally.

"Christian Investing and Money Management" explains how to take control of your money and embark on the road to financial freedom by investing in residential Real Estate. Published through Lulu and distributed internationally by Ingram. ISBN: 978-1-4303-0428-9 ISBN10: 1430304286

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