New for 2012: Doctor-Sponsored Weight Loss in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) January 21, 2012 -- It would be foolish to assume that any reader here hasn't heard of and tried of at least hundreds of weight loss solutions. The question is then, why are you reading this?

The truth is, there are solutions. Many have found ways to lose weight in the past. The trouble is that they never seem to "stick". If the weight was really the problem, then once you lost it your problem would be solved, right? Perhaps the weight is not the problem but actually the symptom.

That's the viewpoint of one doctor in Los Angeles who is using a comprehensive system that based on anti-aging technologies to help people lose weight easily.

"It's not another diet plan," says Dr. Allen Bonilla DC, a Los Angeles chiropractor who has worked and volunteered internationally. "Other diets and exercise programs work because they address part of the puzzle. They also fail in the long run because they address only part of the puzzle."

By creating a "synergistic" plan, one in which all of the components work together, Dr. Bonilla is able to guarantee his results. "Diet and exercise are a part of this plan but only a small part. The key is to overcome cravings, balance hormones and metabolism, etc... Then sticking to a healthy diet and being active are easy." He says this is why kids often seem to be able to exercise non-stop without knowing it, eat poorly and still keep trim. Accessing this trick is what allows this plan to succeed even if individuals "cheat" on the plan.

"I don't believe in willpower," he says, only half joking. "If you try to restrict food intake it's like trying to cut off air supply. The body resists with all of its might." Dr. Bonilla insists instead that a successful weight loss program alters the metabolism first so that cravings are squashed and energy levels explode. "You don't need willpower to exercise when you are feeling this good." He says.

Because this program will be introduced to the greater public in Spring 2012 Dr. Bonilla is currently looking for more participants in pre-launch. "I'm looking to work with a small number of commited individuals so gather powerful testimonials."

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