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Aurora, Ontario Canada (PressExposure) May 13, 2011 -- If you are like me, I am always searching for the best ways to invest my savings and retire as early as possible. Four years ago I came across a book written by Derek Foster "The Lazy Investor" a man that retired at the age of 34. He outlined a way to purchase dividend stocks that provided dividend returns commission free. Now being retired he and his family live off the dividends paid to him throughout the year. In other words, he utilizes a Dividend Re-investment Plan (or DRiP) that many stocks provide. I believe that DRIPs are an easy and painless way to build up a good portfolio of quality stocks. DRIPs should be for long term buy and hold only. DRIPs, are a great way to take charge of your own stock decisions and circumvent the broker.

Through these plans, you can make a minimum initial payment, have your dividends reinvested each quarter, and add to the stock portfolio as often as you want through OCP's (optional cash payments). This allows you to own a partial share of a stock, as you send in a definite amount on a regular basis (ex $100 - not necessarily the amount for a share). You don't need a large amount of money to start and by investing on a regular basis (with money you won't miss) you become a long-term investor.

iDRiP Offers:
• Complete tracking of all your dividend producing stock
• Makes Dividend Reinvesting Programs FUN for all ages
• A fun tool to use while trying to retire as early as possible

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iDRiP is available for purchase for $1.99 on the iPhone App Store.

Input Information to the App:
At each dividend interval you will receive a statement of your account for each particular stock you invest in, from your Transfer Agent. I urge the user to input the relevant information from those statements immediately into the App so that it can use the data to recalculate your retirement goal and give you a new summary total. Accuracy of that data input is crucial to having accurate results displayed on the App.

Legal Disclaimer:
This App is intended as a tool to track and summarize your current DRiP stocks as they relate to your retirement goals.

However, you must realize I am not a professional with regard to any of the information I've provided in this app. I am merely presenting a tool that I feel might be of interest to you as a dividend investor. I am not an expert at in economic, legal, taxation, investing, realty, or any other financial or related matters.

Furthermore, this app might contain various errors, omissions, or mistakes of either a typographical nature or within the content itself. The user must not rely on the accuracy of any of the information given, but should seek proper verification.

The author (Frank Urbaniak) and the publisher (iDEAL Enterprises) shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or other legal entity with respect to any sort of loss or damage or perceived damage caused, or alleged to have been caused by the information provided in this app. By downloading this app, you fully accept these conditions.

Acknowledgements: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals and/or groups who offered their support.

First, I would like to thank my wife, Iren Lakatos. Working long hours at her career while still managing to keep our household in order is no easy task - one made more difficult by the many hours of work it took me to develop this App. You were very supportive. Thank you!

To my colleague Michael Salib who managed to connect me to the best App programmer, Sualeh (Nomi) Iqbal, who without his talents this App would not have become possible. A special thank you once again for you input and double checking my intentions to make sure the ideas being conveyed were comprehensive, interesting, and to the point.

Finally, to my Men's Team (MDI) - thank you for inspiring me, to be bold and inspire all that I meet. Thank you Men!

iDRiP App - Bringing you closer to your retirement dreams through Dividend Reinvestment Plans.

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