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Lexington,, Kentucky 40515 (PressExposure) December 05, 2007 -- Many reasons account for why more than 90% of the people on the Net are not making the grade: lack of knowledge; lack of tech skills; some programs are useless, some are just too difficult and complicated to understand and some are just scams. Val can tell you of at least five scams that have bitten him in as many years. That is not to mention those that didn't work and he doesn't know why. Have you ever seen this pitch? "No need to sell anything nor recruit.

We will advertise your website and close your deals for you. All you have to do is sit back and wait, then take your checks to the bank." After that you never hear from them again, nor even see anything from them on the Net since that email that sucked you in. Hassan speaks of "More Than Traffic" which ripped him off some hundreds of dollars, then more than a year later came back with the same pitch, trying to start the process all over again, with not even a mention of their failure to produce, after having been paid.

Of course, the majority are good, legitimate programs, run by honest people. But even those might not work for the newbie nor the tech dud. For instance, there was this $50/month program in which one of the gurus promised to recruit for you. Did he make good his promise? Sure! The sign-ups would come in daily at the rate of 2, 5, 8...; and occasionally, 1 or even 15. So in a short while there would be hundreds in your downline, but still no money, because the arrangement was structured, and rightly so, that you cannot benefit until you personally sponsor at least two people. Believe it or not, there are many who would spend lots of time and money and still are not able to recruit two. By the way, how many times have you paid $80 for 10,000 guaranteed hits, and not one signed up? Have you sent your ad to "Safe Lists" and found that your $60 was not safe, because you made zero sales? Or, maybe you bought 100 guaranteed sign-ups for a free program, and not one of them converted to a paying member. Are you seeing yourself here?

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The author of this program is one who has been there, one who knows the frustration and the financial drain that you experience. He is also one who has become extremely successful on the Net, and is now dedicated to helping others to follow in his footsteps.

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