News Can Have Negative Effect On Your Young Kids Minds

New York, New York (PressExposure) June 26, 2011 -- All of us expect children to be gentle, loving and happy little creatures whose entire day is filled with playing and mischief. Most of us would not associate violence, hate, crime, sadness, grief or depression with them.

So, many people will be absolutely surprised when they come to know that kids can also experience these kind of emotions. It could be due to some family crisis, constant fighting between elders of the house or even simple thing like watching some unpleasant news on TV that can trigger such emotions in kids. These negative emotions can very well lead to negative actions and behavior.

Violence news shown in TV and reported in newspapers can harm children. Many parents are concerned about their kids being exposed to inappropriate content in movies and TV programs. However, kids are much more likely to be exposed to images of sexual exploitation and violence through news more than soap operas or movies.

Many kids reported to feeling depressed, sad, frightened or even angry when they watched some displeasing news at home. There does not seem to be much censoring of news content. Hence, it is more likely to affect kids. And many parents do not realize the effect of news on their young ones.

Repeated watching of violence and crime related news might make the children violent themselves. As they get more and more exposed to scenes of violence, their feelings towards violence may change. They will become less sympathetic to other people's sufferings.

As parents, it is our duty that we watch what kind of news are running in the house. After all, it can affect the mindset of our children. We have to behave in a responsible manner. By the way, watching such negative news is not good even for adults. Constant dose of such news can dampen our spirits and affect us adversely.

As parents, we have to keep in mind even small things like these as they can have a big effect on our kids. Parenting involves knowing what to do and how to discipline our children in the right and most effective manner. Without proper guidance, many parents won't know how to raise happy, confident and well-behaved kids. We need guidance and knowledge.

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