Nexus-Europe Holds Prices for Interpreters in Moscow Steady During Economic Crisis

Berlin, Germany (PressExposure) March 01, 2009 -- Philosopher and mathematician Ludwig Wittgenstein once wrote, “the limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” Since the days of the Silk Road trading route, buyers and sellers have had to bridge the language barrier to get business done. Now they also have to struggle with rising prices.

While other organizers are hiking their prices for interpreters, Nexus has vowed to hold prices steady at the same daily rate of €100-120 as always. “Some organizers are buying interpreters in Moscow and turning around to sell this service to their customers at two or three times the price,” says Dr. Svetlana Mamkina, managing director of Nexus-Europe Gmbh, a provider of exhibition services. One company contacted offered interpreters for exhibition at a rate of €235 per day! “In these uncertain times this is outrageous behavior. We should be helping to keep businesses competitive. That is why I have chosen to maintain our price structure as it is.”

In the 21st century the trade exhibition is the venue of choice to get products and services into the view of the most people—people who come from around the globe. “It is not at all uncommon to have exhibitors and visitors coming to exhibition from two or three dozen countries, sometimes more,” Mamkina says. “The difficulty of communication has never been greater, and this can severely limit a company’s profitability.”

Nexus has obviously considered this problem carefully. Mamkina has assembled a staff of interpreters for exhibition that is well beyond what is normally available. Her interpreters in Moscow have earned a high degree of education, and cover dozens of languages to meet the requirements of Nexus customers.

“What I have always considered to be crucial is that the interpreter studied the foreign language in the country of origin itself,” Mamkina notes. “Classroom study is valuable, but there is no substitute for immersion into local language situations. It enhances the fluency of the interpreter.”

The interpreters for exhibition in Moscow that Nexus provides its clients have studied, worked and lived in the countries where the indigenous languages are spoken. They can all speak, read and write with equal skill, which comes in handy when translation services are required. Nexus offers a full array of translation services ranging from business correspondence up to product brochures. “Some of these brochures,” says Mamkina, “contain very technical information. Our interpreters in Moscow have the language skills to handle these requirements. This is something you don’t find easily.” Nexus even arranges for local publishing of the brochures in Russia. Customers say this saves them the nightmare of worrying about international delivery and the Russian customs office.

“I am so proud of the quality of the interpreters for exhibition that we have assembled,” Mamkina says. “I am confident to say that a finer staff does not exist. We have clients return year after year requesting the same interpreters. Sometimes I think they would not attend exhibition in Moscow without them,” Mamkina says with a smile.

She might be right, especially at that price.

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