Niel-Asher Technique - Mastery In The Treatment Of Frozen Shoulder

Washington, DC (PressExposure) March 12, 2012 -- From a long period of time, people have tried a wide range of technique to ease the pain, trying surgery, physical therapy and steroid injections. Some have worked, but most haven't. The Niel-Asher technique is innovative of its approach. Without resorting to drugs, this is a form of holistic healing that will take care of a problem that you thought you might have to live with for the rest of your natural life.

Simeon Niel-Asher's extraordinarily simple technique has given hundreds comfort and freedom from pain, an unbelievably simple yet effective method, this is complete healing at its finest way. The frozen shoulder treatment involves little more than convincing your body/brain through a series of adjusted exercises that it is capable of healing itself. Where physical therapy tries to get better the range of motion by forcing the shoulder through the blockage, the Niel-Asher technique is a method of natural series of applying pressure to specific points that eases the stress and pain. Depending on the level of your pain, the frozen shoulder exercise can last anywhere between 4 to 13 sessions. And at the end of it, you are guaranteed a significant reduction in pain.

Our nervous systems have deep-seated response programmed into them that respond particularly to pain. When one get shoulder injuries, the brain responds by turning off normal muscular co-ordination. In a frozen shoulder it's called a capsular sketch, in which the arm is held in a sling like position with the shoulder rose. There are a number of problems that happen when this occurs, and the most common one is a frozen shoulder. The Niel-Asher technique works by stimulating a sequence of reflexes and sending new messages to the brain.

You can buy his books and DVD; to start you're path to recovery. There are a number of Niel-Asher centers in various cities across the world and you can also book yourself in for further expert advice. Why suffer when you know there is a safe and trusty way out of discomfort and pain? Let the Niel-Asher technique work its enchantment on you.

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